August 12, 2015


HOPE, the last thing left of you after something so bad just drained you. Something that just stays with you, you just need to look from within. Hope is not expecting, they are two different things. Hope becomes more powerful when you pair it with prayer. That someday, something you always wanted will be in your hands. That someday, something you have been dreaming of will surely come true. that someday, someone you have always been waiting for will come. When they do, when you thought they did, it will just make you feel so alive and makes you realise that having that single spark of hope, even in the midst of hopeless darkness, isn't so bad after all. But when that thing you hoped for slowly turns out to be just a mirage of what have been, what you have thought is a dream come true, what slowly turned from great to just a taste of it. You will feel like there is just nothing left, nothing left but one thing. HOPE

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