August 12, 2015

Save Me, San Francisco

Truly one of the world's most beautiful cities, San Francisco, is just an amazing place to see in everybody's lifetime! The culture, the color, the people, it will just slowly rip your heart leaving every pieces trapped on its beauty. Here are some of my favorite shots during my two month adventure around my favorite city in the world!

 San Francisco City Hall

 The San Francisco City Tram

 The road leading from Alamo Square to the City Hall

Alcatraz Island from Pier 39

I just hope someday I can visit this beautiful city that just makes me feel so alive and like I am part of the city even if I am just a traveler. Who knows, someday, the Lord will bless me with the opportunity to live in the City I learned to Love!

Just as one of my favorite Train songs goes:

I've been high, I've been low.
I've been Yes and I've been Oh Hell No!
I've been Rock and Roll and Disco.
Won't you Save Me, SAN FRANCISCO!

-Train (Save Me, San Francisco)