September 30, 2015

Etiquette For Mistresses

A Star Cinema production directed by Chito S. Rono starring Claudine Barretto, Iza Calsado, Cheena Crab, with Kim Chiu and Kris Aquino.

Taking away all bias especially the fact that I am a Kim Chiu and Claudine Baretto fan, I must say that this movie is EXEMPLARY. It is not your typical "KABITAN" Movie where it is all about Passion, Sex, and Lust, I can barely remember a kissing scene on this one. It's not just for mistresses who are currently living the life of one, but also for wives who are eager to learn more about who these women are, and most of all, for men, who should know "the other side" for men are the reason why there are women called mistresses.

The cast were absolutely amazing but I would have to give props to Iza Calsado who I think, personally, was not just assigned the most distressing but most beautiful character but acted it with so much perfection. Before anyone would say that this movie is "kabitan na naman yan", I urge you to try and watch it for yourself and then you will know how farfetched your impressions are with only and only the title as your basis.

Lastly, Thank you so much to my Ate Judy Lozares for taking me to this movie! For if not for her, I would have passed by a masterpiece (Yes, I am calling it a Chito Rono Masterpiece) and will surely watch this again before it is gone on the big screen.

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