September 16, 2015

My Starbucks Wall Update

2012. Christmas Day when I told myself and decided I will take on another adventure in my collecting hobby. I have been to several countries seeing them but it was just that day I told myself I will start collecting Starbucks Mugs.

My first ever mug was a 'Hong Kong' Icon Mug that I got from Hong Kong during my 22nd birthday trip. But I wasn't still starting that time and it really was for my brother in America who is actually collecting them. But when I and my cousins went to The District Imus, I decided to get my second cup, my 'Philippines' Icon Mug.

And now after almost 3 years of collecting, traveling and gifts from my dear friend and family, here you go, my Starbucks Wall of Mugs and Tumblers.

Steve's Starbucks Wall as of September 2015

As of this day, my collection is filled with so much love from my family and friends who dedicated these gifts to me and memories from all my adventures across Asia and America. A few more tumblers aren't on display since my shelves are almost full again but here is my display.

112 Starbucks Icon Mugs
32 Starbucks Icon Tumblers
24 Starbucks Specialty Tumblers
5 Starbucks Philippine Festival Tumblers
11 Starbucks City Relief Mugs
28 Starbucks You Are Here Mugs
4 Starbucks Pike Place Specialty Mugs
5 Starbucks Japanese Artsy Mugs
4 Starbucks Korean Artsy Mugs
1 Starbucks Indonesian Dancer Mug
4 Starbucks Miscellaneous Mugs
3 Starbucks Chinese Zodiac Mugs
4 Starbucks Demitasse

At first I really was just collecting Starbucks Icon Mugs but friends and family started giving me tumblers and mugs of other series so my collection just grew then on. Everytime I add up something, it just makes me feel so touched and delighted.

Each and every mug does not just represent a country or a price, it represents love. Love from all my travels, from my friends and family, and the memory that just goes with it and shall be with me for the rest of my life!


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