October 20, 2015

JSV Reunion at Lola Bebang's Funeral

Last Thursday, October 16th, our beloved Grandmother, Lola Bebang, was laid to rest on her grave at the Saint Francis Memorial Park in General Trias, Cavite. After the funeral, my group of cousins, the JSV had a little reunion and we took a lot of pictures together on the grassy meadows just beside the memorial park.

JSV is our group of cousins formed about two decades ago with the younger group of the Que Family's Third Generation. Cousins Judy, Steve, Carlos, and Caren and together with our nieces Vanessa, Patricia, Kaley, and the youngest Abrielle.

Here are some of our shots at the memorial park. Photo Credits to my dear cousin Miss Caren Viniegra. Visit her blog at http://dreamingoutloud-x.blogspot.com.

Carlos, Tricia, Caren, Abrielle, Judy, and Steve

Charles, Carlos, Caren, Abrielle, Judy, and Steve

Me and my older cousin Judy

Me and my baby girls Caren and Abrielle

The Three Ghetto Thugz

Siblings Carlos and Caren, Abrielle our niece and cousins Judy and Steve

It was truly a sad moment for us to send our Grandma to her final resting place but her memories and unwavering love will forever linger in our hearts. As long as we live, the JSV cousins will love each other and be there for each other, the biggest remembrance of our grandma's love that bounds us in the first place.

JSV Forever, Together and Apart!

JSV Forever

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