October 1, 2015

Nine Rules on Being a Better Friend

Rule #1 - You are Not Alone, and so are They.

God gave us the gift of friendship for we may never feel alone no matter what. We may find ourselves far from our family, but we can always make friends. And the best thing that anyone can do it to be there for them through joy and sadness. And also, at the same time, always remember that you have friends that you can count on. If you have always been there for them, they will surely be happy to lend a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, or just plain ears to listen to you.

Rule #2 - Honesty and Sincerity are Keys

Being a friend requires one to be truthful to their friends. Staying honest at all times, even at dark days where it will hurt to tell the truth. In able for one to grow more mature and responsible is to look from within and friends can be a great mirror to check on your wrongs and errors. In the end, being truthful will earn you much appreciation from your friends for it will not just make them better but keep them standing still.

ETHELITES - My friends Since Kindergarten, to High School, until Forever

Rule #3 - Friends are Family that We Chose

Always remember that friends come and go, but those that we keep are matters of our own choices. Shall we choose who we'll be friends with? Definitely! I for one chose my circle especially during my college days. I chose to be with people who I know will bring me closer to being a better me and will help me achieve our common set of goals. I can proudly say that I am proud with the friends I chose because at the moment, 5 years after graduation, we all have our own careers and we all are happy with it. Remember in Mathematics, multiplying a positive number with a negative number will produce another negative number. So better be with people who secretes positivity and joy.

Rule #4 - They are Treasures, Take Good Care of Them

Yes they have always been and we know for sure they will be there for us in the long run. So use that fact to give back all your love and support for them. They don't need to be given expensive gifts or be with them on luxurious trips, but making sure you help them grow and give them your full support is a great present for their golden hearts! Time may come that we may be poor in money, but having true and great friends will never makes us hungry, literally and metaphorically. And most of all, never ever abuse their love and kindness.

SURVIVORS - My friends through College and Beyond

Rule #5 - Distance makes the bonds stronger

In the present time, we know that people and relationships are easier to maintain due to the advancements in technology like the Internet and Social Media. But that is not really what distance means in this context. No matter how far apart friends may be, no matter how long they haven't talked to each other, as long as you both believe you are friends, then you will always be friends. (But of course we love to get in touch from time to time don't we?)

Rule #6 - "To be Understood as to Understand"

We may have heard of this famous line from the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi. These words doesn't just fit for a beautiful prayer but also to being a friend. We wrong at times, and so are our friends. But mistakes are part of life and so as relationships, including friendship. Little misunderstanding shouldn't be left unkempt, but in after a small matter of time, should be talked about and fixed. Besides, it should be much easier since you are friends! Take a big chunk of pride out and surely, you guys will be friends again in no time, stronger and wiser. In time, you'll both see yourselves just laughing about those issues.

Rule #7 - Be Sensitive, Friends are People, Not Stones

There would always be times we get hurt and we hurt our friend's not just physically but worse, emotionally. Imagine your very best friend in the whole wide world joking around about the most sensitive and truly embarrassing things about you in front of others? Surely it will hurt! It will make you want to grab a plateful of ants and shove it to their throats just to make then shut the F up! If this hadn't happened to you then be thankful and just don't do it to your friends. Annoyance is one of the top reasons why friends break up. As much as possible, speak not of any other but love.

KSQL - My friends at Work until now while I was teaching at DLSU-D

Rule #8 - Their success should make you feel more successful

A little friendly competition adds up spice to friendships but furiously competing and taking down your friends is not very friendly at any angle you may wish to look at it. Having friends cheering you up on your races and challenges is just so heartwarming it will encourage you more to be better and take on life! There should be no trace of envy for their success is also your success for behind every successful person, is a very supportive friend. Just as for me, every time I see my friends getting promoted or earning much more than I am, I feel deep joy for I know that as they take on their wings and soar up higher, my hands are with theirs and thus we fly upwards together for I am their friend. And besides, a wealthier friend is always the one that pays the tab! (HAHAHA KIDDING)

Rule #9 - Treasure Each and Every Moment You are with Them

Stronger friendships are those that have the sense of nurturing each other by being with them as much as possible and creating memories together. We'll never really know what will happen in the future but we can always do something to freeze every possible picture that we can with them. Our friends may live far from us, change planetary addresses, or live close to us until the end, we should remember that memories lasts a lifetime, or for some, beyond generations.


These are just nine rules of certainly a million rules on becoming a better friend. But of course, we don't need to write all of them because these rules are not written on law books or scribbled in our minds, friendship lives on our hearts. So what can we do to be a better friend? Be a Great friend to yourself and then you'll become a better friend.


Never Stop Loving!

This post is dedicated to all my friends from around the world for they just kept on coloring my life's book, my unwavering cheering squad, and simply bringing the best in me. Love you guys!