November 26, 2015

Seven Wanders - San Diego, California

Seven Wanders - Arrival at Oceanside, California

During my trip to the USA last June to July 2015, I spent almost two weeks in San Diego, California. My first stop from Los Angeles was the San Diego city of Oceanside. I visited my niece Vanessa and we had a great time at the beach. after a couple of days they drove me to my aunt at South San Diego where I spent a whole week.
Seven Wanders - San Juan Fiesta at San Diego

On June 24th, we celebrated the feast of Saint John the Baptist at National City. We had a great time at the feast and the traditional karakol was danced around the venue. It was a really great celebration even if I was a thousand miles away, I felt so much at home!


  1. What will you do when you've visited all countries and nations on our planet we call Earth, Steve? Do you plan to fly to the moon next??? ;-)

    1. Hello my dear friend Uwe! Oh my! It is so nice to think about it! If God permits I would definitely love to visit the Moon as well! Hahahaha I hope I can see you someday when I visit your wonderful Germany :)


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