January 19, 2016

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In the last five years, I have been to eleven countries including the United States, Japan, China, and ASEAN countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. It is my passion, I can never feel more alive whenever I am amidst foreign sights, different tastes, and most especially, different kinds of people and cultures. 

But having no career that enables me to visit a lot of countries, I am not a pilot nor a flight attendant, so I thought of something that can make me travel across the latitudes and longitudes without spending so much. Then on, Cutout Steve, was born. 

Me at San Francisco, Where "Cutout Steve" was taken

I chose this photo of me because I really like this shirt that my brother got me at SF Centre and my form looks sturdy. I also love the fact that I am wearing a backpack which makes me look ready for any adventure I may be in!

As of now, Cutout Steve has been to SIX COUNTRIES on FOUR CONTINENTS around the world. Thanks to my family, friends, and dear students who have helped me send cutout to different places. I may not be there physically but something of myself is at that very moment, at that very place.

Philippines                                        Taiwan 
     USA                                               Malaysia
   Australia                                         Switzerland

Unfortunately for some, they can't grasp the concept of this project and just told me I should just use photoshop and edit the photos and I can be in all 200 countries in less than a day! But it's not just about that, it's about me, or should I say, part of me with the person taking the photo of me, on that very place he or she is in. It's like I really am on that place with them and I can never be thankful!

To all my friends from all the beautiful countries around the world, I am asking your help to bring me, or should I say, Cutout Steve, around the world! CAN WE BRING HIM TO AT LEAST 50 COUNTRIES THIS 2016? I can never do it without you!

The link below will lead you to Cutout Steve's Document file:

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