March 21, 2016

Caru-Caruhan de Malabon 2016

The Caru-Caruhan de Malabon is the first ever Caru-Caruhan Procession of the Saint Francis of Assisi Parish in the City of General Trias held last Palm Sunday, March 20th. Inspired by the Caru-Caruhan de Regidor, in the town of Binangonan in the province of Rizal, it is a procession of Miniature Holy Week images that lived during the time of Jesus and His passion.

Saint Longinus

With the help of my Brother, Kuya Wilson, I was blessed to have taken care of the Statue of San Longino or Saint Longinus. He is a Saint who was a Blind Roman Soldier that is said to have pierced the fifth wound of Christ on the side of his waist. When Jesus' blood came out, some of it went to Longinus's eye and he was said to be healed. Right then and then he declared Jesus as God and lived through him until he died a Martyr.

Saint Mary Magdelene, Jesus Christ, and Saint Longinus after the procession

Aside from my Saint Longinus, my Brother also takes care of the images of Saint Mary Magdalene and the Señor dela Paciencia wherein Jesus is depicted as wounded and humiliated. All three of our saints are all part of the very first Caru-Caruhan de Malabon 2016. A big thanks to Kuya E-Jay and his ever amazing team for the beautiful floral arrangements and the clothing of the saints and also to Kuya Louie and Kuya Benson for helping us make the floats of the saints.

My friend Myrcel with Saint Longinus

At 7 pm, the saints are all lined up in front of the church and we are ready to walk around the poblacion area. My Friend Myrcel was the only one who came for me and San Longino on his very first procession and I truly appreciate it so much! Thank you Myrcel! Aside from Myrcel, I also saw my friend Charlotte and his son, my Godson, Charles. And just before the walk started, a young man from Brgy. Corregidor went with us and accompanied me as we pull the float of Saint Longinus. He was very nice and kind and we share the same name, Steven.

My Friend Charlotte and her son Charles

My new friend Steven, we have the same name

So Myrcel, I , and Steven are on the line, fifth of the thirteen the saints who were part of the procession. Before we started walking, people went close to the saints to ask for blessing and also to take pictures of the saints that are beautifully dressed and lit. The procession was led by the musical accompaniment by Santa Cecilia Band, and in order of precedence, here are the Saints that were part of the First Ever Caru-Caruhan de Malabon 2016.

Señor dela Paciencia (Kakapus-kapos) - Bro. Wilson Que

Nuestro Padre Hesus Nazareno - Pinagtipunan Pastoral Council

San Andres Apostol - Rev. Fr. Jun Perez

Santa Veronica - Bro. Jeth Rommel Elca

San Longino - Bro. Stevenson Que

The image of San Longino de Malabon is inspired by Sir Christian Layug's San Longino de Marikina. Aside form Saint Longinus's amazing story of hope and renewal, I really wanted to have my image of Saint Longinus because of the beautiful image of Sir Christian's San Longino. Thank you so much for the inspiration Sir Christian! I really hope I can see Gino one of these days.

Santa Maria de Chipre - Bro. Aeron Daluraya

Santa Mari Jacobe - Bro. Franz Pulido

Santa Marta - Bro. Dennis Victa

San Nicodemo - Bro. Ameer Olimpo

Santa Maria Magdalena - Bro. Wilson Que

San Juan Evangelista - Bro. Ameer Olimpo

Santo Sepulcro - Bro. Erick John Tiglao

Virgen Dolorosa - Bro. Erick John Tiglao

After the procession, the images lined up in front of the church and recieved blessing from our priest Rev. Fr. Gil Villas

Rev. Fr. Gil Villas blessing San Longino

It was very beautiful to see the images  and this was the time I took the individual photos of the images. After I said my goodbyes to Myrcel and Steven and all the people at the procession, we walked our way home together with the three saints.

San Longino de Malabon

My brother Kuya Wilson with Santa Maria Magdalena

Me and San Longino de Malabon

My Father and the Saints

It was a beautiful event and truly historical for this is the very first time the Caru-Caruhan de Malabon was held not just the first in our City but the First in our Province. Thank you so much to all the organizers led by Bro. Erick John Tiglao and also to my brother Wilson Que for if not for him, I would not have had San Longino and I will not be part of this memorable event.

Now we are all excited and looking forward for the bigger and brighter Caru-Caruhan de Malabon 2017 next year. But of course, before that comes, the Holy week has officially begun as of now that Palm Sunday is over.

Saint Longinus, Pray For Us.

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