June 15, 2008

JSVPC Reunited

Around 10:30 am, we arrived at Tagaytay Tropical Greens at Mendez, Cavite. I was so excited for this birthday party of my nephew Iñigo because the venue is really good because of its cool climate. By the way, Iñigo has turned one last June 12th, but the celebration was held June 15th so that everyone would be free and celebrate. So after me and Ate Judy ate lunch, we took a walk outside the clubhouse and saw Vigie and Caren. two other cousins that we seldom see these days. Though our houses are not that far, we are really so busy with many things. Vigie or Carlos is now 14 and in third year high school and Caren is 11 and graduating Elementary this year. So after they ate, we went beside the pool to watch the smaller kids have fun wading! Then Patricia my niece, came. She is now currently second year high school.

JSVPC by the way stands for Judy, Seven(Me), Vigie, Patricia and Caren. It started with JSV then as the other two became kids, our mini-club has emerged. During my late elementary and early high school days, They always come to our house and we would play the whole day! So this party really made a big reunion to us 5 because it has been years that we saw each other again and bond like this.

Tricia and Caren Blowing talahib blossoms

Vigie (back) Caren, Tricia and Judy while we are taking a walk around the village

Above is a photo of myself taken by my cousin on one of the beautiful Houses inside the village. The house has three buildings. the main house, another small isolated room and a beautiful Victorian gazebo

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  1. "Louis" saw your comment at Marley's blog. "Louis" is currently reading a biography of General Douglas MacArthur. You may know that MacArthur and his father spent a a lot of time in the Philippines. Through "Louis's" reading of the history of World War II in the Pacific, "Louis" is familiar with Cavite, even though he hasn't visited the Philippines.


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