August 24, 2011

Wat Mahathat

Wat Mahathat is the very first Temple we have visited during our Ayutthaya Adventure in Ayutthaya, Thailand. A wat is a Temple or Monastery found on the South East Asian countries of Thailand, Cambodia and Laos.

We rented bicycles and trudges the streets of the ancient ruins of the Kingdom of Ayutthaya. We parked our bicycles on the designated bicycle parking lot and payed our Entrance Fee of around 350 Thai Bhat which will cater to more than one Temple or Wat. Then we started walking along the Pathway, mesmerized by the Magical Beauty of Ancient Thailand.

Me at the Famous head of Buddha at the Entrance of Wat Mahathat

Just beside the tree is a Notice to the travelers to never take a picture with your head higher than the Buddha head in the Roots of the Banyan Tree as a sign of respect to Buddha and to the People as well. By the first sight of this Famous Landmark, I began having chills because As I always am throughout our Thailand Trip, I still can't believe that I am already at Thailand, the magical Place I can only see in Photos and on movies. So we went on and on around the ruins of Wat Mahathat and took a lot of Pictures with us.
Me in front of the First Giant Buddha in Wat Mahathat

Me, Ralph and Ate Judy at the Ruins of Wat Mahathat

Anywhere you look are signs are signs and notices to the tourists and travelers. Some telling to not take a photo with your head higher than Buddha's, to not step on the ruin walls, to climb only the stairs and not on walls and the lot. I just can't help but admire how they respect their religion, country and their culture that they ask the foreigners and visitors to take part of their own tributes for respecting Buddha.
My Snoopy Thailand visiting his hometown together with Snoopy Philippines

Thai Brass Bells sold on the sides of the Ruins. I bought two of these for my Brother and for myself

Breath-taking view of the Brick Chedis on a lucky cloudy day at Wat Mahathat

Truly, there is no need for any argument as to how majestic and magical the Ancient ruins of the Kingdom of Ayutthaya is. These bricks and rubbles from the past signifies the Glory that was and still is in the Kingdom of Siam. Thailand truly flourishes from then up until now and I have come up with the conclusion as to its secret for success, The Love for a Country by the People themselves. That's my dream for my own country as well. That is how I feel and What I truly show but for the other Filipinos, someday, maybe, I Hope...


  1. wow... how i wish i could travel here! thanks for sharing sir steve!

  2. Billy Joe - Billy Boy!!! Thank you so much for stumbling over my Blog! I am very sure you can visit Wat Mahathat too someday soon! And I hope you'll remember me when you get there :)

    Sir Steven^^


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