March 14, 2017

Secret Haven Cafe

They Are Open

Nestled in the middle of Jordan Subdivision in Noveleta is the hippest place you'd ever see in town. Located inside a residential area, truly this 'Secret Haven' is greatly kept away from the highway hustle and bustle. But what makes this place a must visit is not just its tasty food and yummy drinks, it's the place that is magically stunning!

My niece Abrielle at the beautiful green gates

As you walk through the green wooden gates, a beautiful garden filled with a lot of cacti and succulents will welcome you warmly and make you feel so much at home. Just like you stepped in through the pages of a beautiful fairy tale. And yes, this place is simply picture worthy, my cousins prove this fact so well.

Their garden where you can dine and relax.

Behind the Green Gates

My Cousin Caren adores their Whitewash walls

We walked inside the 'house' where there were available seats for us. It was quite a sunny and warm day so we opted to be seated inside for the air-conditioning. It's a small and cute place so our group of six already occupied half of the place. The interior is hipster chic with whitewashed wooden wall panels, hanging light bulbs and memorabilia from the owner's travels.

Three Generations of the Que Family

The menu features pasta, burgers, milkshakes and smoothies. We had a really hard time choosing what we'll be having because everything sounds so good! We tried their smoothies. I got myself a Lasagna, so as my brother, my niece Abrielle, and my cousin Caren while Ate Carmeline got herself her bacon and mushroom burger named after a famous waterfall from Iceland. My Aunt, Mama Vicky chose her favorite Club Sandwich.

Gullfoss - Secret Haven's Bacon and Mushroom Cheeseburger

It was good! Really good, as for me of course! The Lasagna is so beefy and perfectly seasoned to release the flavor of the beef. And the cheese, yes, real cheddar! Ate Carmeline's Burger on the other hand is a little spicy on the patty but still good.

Secret Haven's Beefy Lasagna

We also ordered their Mojo Potato Slices. Unlike the usual once we have from Shakey's, this one is breaded and not battered. Spiced as well, my niece did not like it that much but I think it was okay mainly because of the dip that it was served with.

Secret Haven's Mojo Potatoes
Their drinks were another story, they were really good! We tried three of their Milkshakes, the Love Statue, Croatia, and their Caramel Frappe. Love Statue is made with Lotus Biscoff Crunchy Biscuit Spread and Lotus Caramelized Biscuits. Croatia on the other hand, which I ordered, has Maltesers Chocolate Malted Milk Balls.

Yes, I had to take a photo before I finish this meal

We stayed there for more than an hour and then we visited the plant shop next door where we bought ourselves some cute little cactus plants and some succulents. They also have this cute little airplants. Of course, I got myself some cacti, four of them to be exact.

Four Little Cactus for Me!

This dinner was a treat from my brother Wilson to our one and only Mama Vicky, the best Aunt in the Whole Wide World! She's leaving this Thursday for California and we will surely miss her! Love You So Much Mama Vicky!

I would definitely go back to Secret Haven and bring my friends. It's more than just the food or the pretty place, but it's about this over all experience that you'll share with this 'secret haven'. Actually, me and my cousins are planning our next visit here very soon, you should too!

Kuya Wilson, Caren, Mama Vicky, Ate Carmeline, Abrielle, and Me.

Secret Haven is located inside Jordan Subdivision and can be reached through EPZA Diversion Road. 


Never Stop Looking for Secrets!


  1. Will visit this cafe soon.thanks dear seven.

    1. Thank you so much! You should and you'll have a great time for sure!

  2. Cozy place with great food.. Very intrested to visit this as well.. thanks Seven for sharing..

    1. Thank you very much Nerry!!! It surely is! Just a few kms from your place this is! My pleasure!

  3. For how much did you get the the cactus? :)

    1. Hello Marielle! The plant itself is 3 for 100 pesos while the zebra variety is 50 pesos a piece. Pots and repotting fee are excluded :)



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