May 28, 2017

Asiong's of Cavite

Asiong's of Cavite in Silang

Nestled in the upland Cavite town of Silang, Asiong delights its guests not just with the delectable tastes of their menu items, but with it's aesthetic beauty that fuses nature and the old world. Just as you arrive, the sight of lush greenery will instantly relax you and gives it a distinct ambiance that only nature could provide.

In Celebration of my father's 65th Birthday, he took me and my brother Wilson to Tagaytay City for breakfast and that's when we decided to have it as Asiong's. A few kilometres away from the bypass road from the city, we reached outskirts of Silang where these greens and memories are planted.

Interior of Asiong's

We arrived early in the morning, at around past 9 and we were greeted by Mr. Sonny Trias Lua, owner of Asiong in Silang, Cavite. He is the second generation of the Lua's who nurtured Cavite City with their famous dishes through the original Asiong's Carinderia. Like us, he is a decendant from generations of Chinese families, just like ourselves. I can still remember during my elementary days when my aunt Mama Vicky brought me to the original Asiong's in Cavite City where I ordered Lechon Kawali, it was the best I ever had right next to the one I had in Macau.

My brother Wilson, Me, my Father, and owner Mr. Sonny Trias Lua

Just when we arrived and my father started walking inside, Sonny greeted us pleasantly and asked "Drove all the way from Malabon?". You can really recognise his Chinese roots (compared to us). We were very early and that was a really good thing as per Sonny, because they have a lot of reservations in the afternoon especially that it was a Saturday which is a weekend where they are usually packed. Sonny and my dad started to chat and it amazes me as they talked about people they both know of, mutual friends and family, that are intertwined by today's time and theirs.

NOTE: Sonny suggested that if you wish to dine with them on weekends, it is best to make a reservation since they serve a lot of guests during Saturdays and Sundays. You can call them in advance using the contact information I have provided at the end of this article.

I was then led by Mr. Sonny to the back of the restaurant where they have this Al Fresco dining spots which also houses their Herb Garden. While I was there, Sonny showed me all of the herbs that they are growing that are actually used for their dishes. It's amazing! It's like I was watching a Martha Stewart show as he cuts herbs, including those that will be used for our Garden Salad - Lettuce, Gotu Kola, Ashitaba, and more.

Javanero Peppers from Sonny's Garden

Sonny was also very kind to let me taste the Stevia's that he grew at the garden. Stevia is a natural sweetener and I've seen commercial packets of it being sold but I have never tasted a real one before. He plucked a few sprouts and handed them to me. I chewed on them and at first it was a little bitter but chewing further just bursts out a lot of sweetness! He also crushed some tarragon and lemon balm for us to smell and it was so fragrant and fresh. I stayed away from the Javanero Peppers because Sonny might pick one and ask me to tastes some of its fruits. Haha! Just kidding Sir Sonny!

Farther along the gardens of Asiong's

The photo above shows the spot with the Bamboo shades, that's a beautiful spot! I can imagine Queen Elizabeth just below the shrubs, enjoying her cup of afternoon tea. It was so peaceful and serene. I think the garden is also perfect for upcoming events such as weddings and posh birthday brunches to be held at.

Oh the fresh mountain air just soothes my tired body that morning. Right after work (I work on graveyard shifts), I just took a shower and then we went straight to Tagaytay. But the fresh air and the beauty of the place just took all of my weariness away for quite a time.

Trees lined up the gardens

Fresh Lettuce (still planted) - perfect for Salads

Produce are also sold at a spot on the restaurant called the "County Store" including delicious goodies and pasalubongs for home. Famous Cavite delicacies such as the Jacobina biscuits of Mendez, Highland Coffee, and even their own healthy options such as Kale chips and Onion Chips can be bought. The sauce that they use for their pasta con huevos de pescao are also sold on jars so you can enjoy their specialties at the comforts of home.

Goodies at the County Store

An old Photograph which reminds me of Photographs of my Grandfather and my uncles

Asiong's of Cavite - Silang, Metro Tagaytay

Then it was time for our food! It was presented and plated just perfectly and right there and then when the first dish was served, one of my favorite smells in the world made it's entrance - Cheese! (I love the smell of cheese ON MY FOOD OKAY? Not on any other thing, thank you very much) It was so tempting to just grab a bite from the plate but yes, we usually wait for all of the dishes first just as we are used to. I know salads are starters and can be killed right at that moment but we treat delicious and good looking salads like this one as main courses HAHA

Fresh Garden Salad with Quesillo Dressing

The smell of this dish is just enticingly fragrant. The strong smell of the Quesillo dressing makes anyone just grab their forks in an instant. The tomatoes are sweet and the fresh herbs that we gathered earlier at the garden are perfect. The croutons, at first, appears to be too toasted but its slight bitterness actually compliments the saltiness and all other flavors of the dish. Oh and before I forget, I have to commend the creaminess of their special Quesillo dressing that makes everything about it a lot smoother on the palate. I can eat like three plates of this one for sure.

Pasta Marinara with Meatballs

This was my order. I'm a self confessed killer of Pasta, in case you haven't heard or seen. And this one is good. What I really like about this one is the the sauce that was made really smooth with perfect explosions of fresh herbs that were used to concoct it. I know it's a matter of preference, but I really like sauces on my pasta smooth without any trace of chunky and oversized onion slices or giant squares of peppers, that's why this one is a match made for me. The sweetness of the basil and the strength of oregano, everything falls in its perfect place. 

Let's not forget another important component to this dish - the meatballs. One thing that puzzled me if these meatballs are baked or fried, but either way, they do taste good. Aside from the taste, they managed to maintain the juiciness of the meat inside while making the outer shell crispy, which gives it an opposing body to the smoothness of the sauce and the noodles.

Pasta con Huevos de Pescao

This one is my Brother Wilson's choice. Can you agree with me that this dish was plated so perfectly? IT'S SO CUTE! I was actually looking away when my brother started mixing it because it's like a cute birthday cake that you just don't want to cut because it will ruin the dedication icing on top. My brother was so kind to let me have a taste.  This dish is very rich and I think if this is consumed by large quantities, it will leave you feeling uneasy. But of course, if consumed with this serving, it's perfect!

The richness of fish roe, Tuna to be exact as I asked Sonny, is the star of this dish. There's this hidden sweetness in the saltiness of the roe. Crazy but that sweetness under saltiness does exist, well for me I guess. You would have to mix it very well before you grab a forkful so that you can enjoy the perfect amounts of everything- roe, sauce, herbs - and it will definitely be a delight to your tastebuds! Aside from this preparation, they also serve this dish in spicy and in negra or with black squid ink.


Right after, we then said our goodbyes to Sonny and pushed all the way home. It was a great dining experience and something memorable as we celebrate my father's 65th year. That's also where I gave my father his birthday gift, a round trip ticket to Taiwan this October! I'm so excited for his trip (yes, i'm not joining huhuhu) and as he roll the streets of taipei, I'm very sure he'll remember when we had our delicious brunch at Asiong's.

Asiong's of Cavite
4455 Buenavista Ave., 
Bo. Bucal, Silang, Cavite
Metro Tagaytay, Philippines

for Reservations:
0918 565 2691
(046) 686 1048

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