June 3, 2017

"They Say" Episode 4: Fast Food

No matter how many calories our favorite 'value meal' has, we can easily admit that fast food, at times, equates to comfort food. Oh that greasy burger, slices of cheese, and who will ignore that crispy french fried potatoes! Not me of course.

The Philippines has a wide variety of Fast Food chains both local and international that offers all kinds of goodies that we love. Whether we order it a-la-carte or by value meals, these places just gives us the sense of inner happiness with the very first big bite of that Big Mac from McDonald's or a forkful of that Jolly Spaghetti. One more thing that any Filipino would love to debate about is which chain has the best Fried Chicken.

I asked a few of my friends on what for them is the best fast food chain ever in the Philippines. Check out their answers below:

Jayson S

"Jollibee is Pinoy. The default go-to place for the hungry. Their food items are affordable, tasty, and sulit. Chicken Joy with Palabok [is my favorite from Jollibee]."

Kathleen L
Burger King

"I eat there two to three times a month. I'm good with their whooper burgers, even the cheeseburger is promising for starters. It's also worth mentioning their apple and orange juice for those who want to negate soda in their diet. Burger King is inventive when it comes to burger, from providing a wide variety of options, to serving their customer with freshly made burger. I love their flame grilled and juicy patty."

R-Jay M

"Even though I was a "McDonald's kid" before, I can't seem to get away with Jollibee. I guess it's because the menu is a diverse mashup of the Western and some Filipino comfort food. My favorite is non other than the Chickenjoy which just hits the spot! I usually go there averaging from 2-5 times a month."

Mark Gabriel L

"For me, the choice boils down to these two: McDonald's and Jollibee. It took me a while to decide which, for me, is the best fast food because I really like the both of them. What I love about Jollibee is the simplicity of the Yum and the pasta sauce of Jolly Spaghetti. I like the Jolly Hotdog and the Cheesy Bacon Mushroom Yum as well. However, the "overall" ambiance of Jollibee stores is a major turn off for me. It often feels so chaotic and sometimes gross. McDonald's on the other hand is cozy. What I love about McDo is their Double Cheeseburger (after taking off the pickles) and of course, the Big Mac! I like crispy chicken sandwich and McSpicy Chicken Sandwich (but they stopped selling this, I think). I like McDonald's fries more than Jollibee's. Jollibee's fries are bland and dry. Before I stopped drinking softdrinks, I used to order McFloat. Now I just order their orange juice or pineapple juice (rarely though). Having said all of these, McDonald's is the best fast food chain."

Ralph John S
Burger King

"My favorite fast food chain in the Philippines is probably Burger King! I usually order their signature Whooper, and of course with a large side order of onion rings. I usually eat there once a week since it's just 3 blocks away from where I currently live."

Jane G

"I believe the best fast food chain in the Philippines is Jollibee. It is the best because you would see the people falling in line and even willing to wait just to have a taste of their food, not to mention they are now global! My favorite items from Jollibee is their TLC [Tomato-Lettuce-Catsup] and Choco Sundae."

Never Stop Eating! 

THEY SAY is a segment on my blog which features a little survey where I asked a few of my friends and readers about a certain subject. A Topic is started and they would respond in the way it applies to their lives and experiences.


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