May 23, 2018

Flatterie at the Mall of Asia

Flatterie at the Mall of Asia

It was just a normal Sunday that weekend that passed but me and my cousin Judy decided to go to SM Mall of Asia with my best friend Rjay to register on the upcoming Runrio race happening this June 3rd. Me and my cousin will be running the 10K while Rjay will take part on the 21K half-marathon. We were supposed to grab some fastfood for dinner but we passed by this cute fancy place at the edge of the right wing, Flatterie.

The greeter walked towards us and led us to the high chairs at the center. It's just a tiny restaurant but it looks really posh I must say. I know, I should have taken shots of the interiors but we were just really hungry that time haha. So we scanned through their menu and basically they serve flatbreads (smaller versions of pizza), pasta, and chicken and rice dishes. Here are the goodies that we enjoyed.

Truffle Flatbread (Selfie - Php220, Groupie - Php320)

Available in two sizes, their flatbreads can be ordered as a selfie (for one) or groupie (two to three). As a sucker for truffle, I really did enjoy this flattie. Unlike other pizzas where you can see big chunks of toppings, the truffle has been creamed together with other ingredients and placed neatly under a blanket of cheese. the taste of the truffle is very extravagant but not overpowering. Anyone cooking with truffle must be very careful because it has the tendency to be too strong for any dish, but this one, perfection. And to tell you about the crust, it is more on the gummy area and not flaky.

Carbonara (Selfie - Php 200, Groupie - Php 300)

We had the selfie sized carbonara. I must say that they do know what carbonara is. Because mostly here in the Philippines, they think that carbonara should be flooded with white sauce. That is actually alfredo, not cabronara. Carbonara is tossed in eggs and cheese and definitely not saucy, just like this one. They made the pasta with perfect firmness (to my liking) and tossed it over rich cream and egg yolks. Topped with savory bacon and delicious Parmesan, this may be a hint of heaven for me.

Rosemary Chicken (Php 290)

This dish is a vacation from the first two we had because this is a definition of comfort food. Roast chicken thigh and a fillet breaded and deep fried all over a bed of rice pilaf. Topped with onion rings  and a cute little fried egg, it's our usual chicken and rice dish. Nothing glorious to be honest but not until you taste the gravy. Their gravy probably was made of roast beef drippings, not really sure except for one thing, it was phenomenal gravy.

S'mores Flatbread (Php 270)

Can any meal be complete without something sweet to cap it? Well not for us! It may be another flatbread but this one is a delight to your sweet tooth. The bread on this one is not as toasted as their savory flatbreads, then topped with a special chocolate sauce, drizzled with chocolate syrup, and yes, I swear there's also a raining of cocoa powder which gave it a different kick. Toasted marshmallows like boulders on graham sands just fixed the whole thing into a dessert dream. I suggest that for every bite, make sure all the components will be on it so you can enjoy the magical swirl of flavors.


Even before we got down from our high-chairs, we told each other that we'll be coming back to try other dishes at Flatterie. We may be easy to please but I'm sure we really did enjoy the food and not just because we were too hungry. So to pizza lovers, pasta lovers, and foodies like me, come and try flatterie, for it will surely flatter your senses.

Me, my best friend Rjay (thanks for the pictures!), and my cousin Judy at Flatterie

Never Stop Flattering!

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