February 11, 2021

Baking Time - Lief

It was a busy week, this one that passed. Because aside from my full-time work, I thought of starting a small time venture. I have always been a lover of sweets and brownies are one of those at the top tier! At first, I saw our old unused oven dusty and longing on a corner of our kitchen. I thought I'd bake some brownies so I gathered some ingredients online and for those I can buy at our corner store, I bought them last Thursday. While in the process of baking, why not try to bake some for those who would want them?

I started with just the plain one. After baking, I asked some of my cousins for feedback and they loved it! I did not just follow one recipe but read about 6-7 recipes and combined what's best about them all from the ingredients to special procedures that will ensure my brownie to be chewy on the inside, crusty on the outside. I was so happy that the first batch was already good!

Your truly, safely baking at my kitchen table.

As you can see, I am seriously doing my measurements but I asked my Aunt to take a photo of me. Who's Focused?

About the name, I branded my brownies with a Dutch word. I did a bit of research on Dutch words since I really want to inspire these brownies with something about the Netherlands aside from the fact that I use imported cocoa powder from the Netherlands, but because I really fell in love with the country when I visited last 2019. At first I thought of Lekker which means yummy, and then liefde which means love. But I thought, wait, Lief sounds short but classy, glad that it does have a meaning - sweet! (I hope my research was correct Ella?)

How do you like the packaging? I'm aiming for something clean and minimalist. 

At the moment, I already have 15 orders for the Weekend - Valentine's it is! I am a one-man team from preparations, to baking, to packaging, to cleaning, so wish your friend luck on this Weekend's bake-out! Hoping every person who will taste lief, will feel happy and loved and sweet!

Keep on being sweet!
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  1. Good luck with your new venture. I hope that business booms.

  2. Oh wow that is amazing and good luck with the venture :-D

    I like the packing too :-D

  3. Fantastic! I didn't know you had that gift for cooking. It looks very rich and the chosen word is very cute. The Netherlands must be a very beautiful place if it inspired you to do this.

    Big hug and may you have many orders ahead! The minimalist box looks great too. Greetings from Buenos Aires.

  4. Your brownies look so good they are making me very hungry. Chewy on the inside and a little crunchy on the outside-oh yes. I love that photo of you baking. I also studied your house in the background of you. Is that a tile wall? It looks fascinating Stevenson. Nice name for your brownies too. Have fun. Baking is one of my favorite things to do, and maybe yours now too? Hugs-Erika

  5. Those brownies look really good, they wouldn't last long in my house.

  6. Steve, do you realize I am Dutch? Dutch cocoa is really the best! Like the Dutch words you have chosen! Yeah, you strike me as a person who could become a great chef! Have a great baking weekend!

  7. Dearest Stevenson, you had me laugh right away.
    You really are like my lille Brother, he loves sweets, too. My tastebuds ran away in a sec, LOL.
    Yup, always great to mix recipes, I do that, too. It´s not written in stone, right - great it was an instant success!

    Brown and Netherlands. I lay by the ocean. In a bikini. A seagull thought I´m a great target. It shi# on me, the poo was brown, my friend laughed her head off. Me... not so much! Although thankfully it hit the bikini and not my skin. Not the memory you had in mind, huh? 😉

    Great research, job done perfectly (right, Ella?).

    Love the packaging, no fuss, focus on the yum.
    And I just bet the people will feel all you wish for them!
    (Pizza, please ;-)...)

    You keep being sweet, hugs!

  8. Oh what a fabulous looking product Stevenson - it looks amazing, and love your stunning packaging! The brownie itself looks wonderful too!
    Stay safe

  9. Omg Stevenson - this is so exciting! Brownies are at the top of my list too - there is nothing better than a rich chewy chocolatey brownie. They do look yummy! I like the name and the packaging - and I wish you all the best in your new business venture!

  10. Nice post Stevenson ... tomorrow I will also come with a "sweet" post!
    Greetings from a frozen, snow-covered Netherlands! Brrr ... LOL

  11. Wow! Well done with your brownies and Valentine orders! I'm impressed. They look so good -- if I lived anywhere closer to the Philippines than Michigan, I'd order some! Love the photo too -- just the best!

  12. Now I see that word! hahahaha 🤣 !! I am so used to him that I had not noticed!🤪
    "Lief" has more meanings! Dear, beloved: in letters - Lieve Maria - Dear Maria;
    but can also mean: nice, sweet: een lief karakter - a sweet nature, a kind heart; zij zijn erg lief voor elkaar - they are very devoted to each other; dat was lief van haar om jou mee te nemen - it was nice of her to take you along ...
    We use "lekker" and not "lief" for food. For "sweet" we use "zoet"!
    But you did good! I'm proud of you! 🤗
    Dutch language is a difficult language!

  13. The brownies look delicious and I am sure they are indeed. You picked the right time of year to start your enterprise. Now, if every one of your customers just inspires two more to buy your wares, you will soon need several more dusty ovens! Good luck!

  14. Fantastic Cameo Photo There Brother Man - Here In America We Have Single Sheets Of Carmel For Wrapping Apples - One Halloween I Made Brownies - Then Stretched The Carmel Over The Top - Added Another Layer Of Brownie - Baked And Oh Baby - Cut Into Squares And Handed Out To The Adults That Were Trick Or Treating That Night - Huge Hit For Sure - Stay Creative Brother - Be Well


  15. Bom dia meu querido amigo, saudades de ti, um bom domingo.

  16. Way to go, the brownies will be a smash hit for you. Great to see that you are being creative, before you know it you'll be known as the Brownie Man. Best wishes for your enterprise. Be well!


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