March 11, 2021

A Short Stop at Phnom Penh

 Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Located at the Southeastern part of the Khmer Kingdom, the capital city of Phnom Penh is home to a large number of the country's population. With the country's location in the middle of Vietnam and Thailand, Cambodia is popular for travellers especially for backpackers taking the French Indochina route. And for me, it was our midpoint on our long bus ride from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to the Ancient Capital of Siem Reap, Cambodia.

 Busy Streets of Phnom Penh

It was just about an hour stop at Phnom Penh before we continued our long trip due Northeast to Siem Reap. Most of the streets are narrow going to this city centre in the middle of the metro. Having a lot of locals and travellers alike, the streets are never sleeping.

 A Coconut Vendor at Phnom Penh

A Lady seems to go back home after a day of business in Phnom Penh

It took us about 5 hours from HCMC, Vietnam to reach Phnom Penh but we had no idea the second leg of the journey is the longer part. It took us a total of more than 13 hours of travel to reach Siem Reap that evening of the same day.

The Bus Station: Ho Chi Minh City to Siem Reap at Phnom Penh

Me at the Bus during hour hour's rest in Phnom Penh

Being in Phnom Penh gives me much excitement since it was my 11th country to visit. But never have a I realized that Siem Reap is so much more than Phnom Penh with all the temples and wats. Truly, Cambodia astonished my sight and taste, and surely, I'll come back soon for more.

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  1. Cambodia must be fascinating to visit. Actually all southeast Asia sounds like a great place to visit. You do look a little worn out in your photo. That's a lot of bus riding. It is interesting though how all cities are crowded and so city like, but looking at Phnom Penh, it certainly has a very different vibe from cities I have visited. I like the melon cart and the straw hats. They give so much character to your views. Hope all is well with you Stevenson. Thanks for taking me on an armchair adventure today. Hugs-Erika

  2. What an exotic and fascinating trip. Thanks for introducing me to such wonderful places. I think you would be a marvelous traveling companion! Today I'm sharing my Covid journal -- a journey of a year.

  3. Bet that was quite an experience.

  4. I have very fond memories of my visit to Cambodia and I would love to return one day. Somehow I doubt that will happen, however.

  5. What a truly busy city Stephenson - I marvel at all the overhead powerlines. i am so use to the underground ones now!
    Stay safe

  6. I like the colorful buildings and awww, dearest Stevenson, a coconut, I´d love right now!
    You look a tad mad, reckon it really was a long journey... ;-)

  7. Wow it does look very busy and crowded! The weather looks amazing too :-D Great photo of you, though why aren't you smiling?

  8. Sorry, Steve, my link didn't turn out, but it is my youngest grand slurping from a saucer at my post Signs of Spring

  9. Oh, now it did:):) Have a lovely weekend. Never have been in Cambodja. China is the only Asian country I have visited, and that was because our son was teaching there! Jesh

  10. That is a long time to be sitting in a bus - I hope it was a comfortable one!! At least you would have got to see a lot of the countryside as you were travelling along.

  11. A very interesting adventure. That was one very long bus trip. The streets were certainly very crowded and looked almost chaotic. Those coconuts are bigger than those we have in our neighborhood in Florida.

  12. Oh The traveling you have done! What an interesting place to visit. Some little things remind me of here in Saudi Arabia, like the vendors with their carts selling fruits and vegetables. Have a wonderful week!

  13. boa tarde meu querido amigo, que vontade de viajar com você.

  14. Don't Thursday's come round quickly!!
    Thank you for a lovely post and photographs.
    So much to see in each one.

    Hope you are keeping well, take care.

    All the best Jan

  15. This does look like a very busy city, Stevenson, and I wondered about the very yellow and large building in the first photo.

  16. Really Entertaining Shots But That First Photo Is Remarkable - SO Much Going On For Such A Simple Shot - Way Color Brother Man

    Be Well,


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