June 27, 2021

Breakfast at Antonio's

One reason why my close friends told me that my birthday spans the whole month of June is because my cousin's birthday is also on the same month and she always celebrate it with me, for every single year since we were young, thank you Ate Judy for making our month extra special always! 

That day, we went to Tagaytay early in the morning to buy some groceries and goodies that we will bring to a elderly home care that we usually visit and give donations to. We visited the grandmas and grandpas and they were so happy to see us. We were not able to get close to them but we just waved and seen them from a distance due to this pandemic. After saying hello and dropping our donations, we went to lunch. Ate Judy treated me and two of our best friends to a fancy all day breakfast place in the city.

The place was packed but protocols are strictly enforced, including social distancing between parties and individuals while they dine. Signs are also placed up to encourage people not to talk too much especially to converse less while eating to minimize the spread of droplets. The place was gorgeous situated on top of the Tagaytay city Caldera. The restaurant was well ventilated. It's indoors but all the windows are open so I don't know if I can say it's al-fresco? We also saw construction being done at the back were their 100% al-fresco dining will be available soon.

Coming Soon: Dining with an unobstructed view of Taal Lake

Let me go through the dishes we had. We started with a small plate of Truffle French Fries which were amazing! I have read from some blogs that Truffle is an acquired taste but I fell in love with it when I first tasted something with it thanks to my cousin Ate Carmeline that introduced me to a pasta dish with it about a decade ago. These fries were made perfectly crispy with the perfect hollowness on every piece that made it felt like you were eating potato chips in block form. Coated in truffle and salt paste, it was a heavenly welcome!

Truffle Potato Fries (Php 180)

In this age of the pandemic, sadly, we cannot share our dishes with each other but I'll share with you the dish I had and those that my friends enjoyed. Let us start with my order. It was hard for me to choose with the full array of sandwiches because I am a sandwich monster. But lucky was I that when I chose a burger, the waiter informed us that burgers are not available at that moment! So I opted for their Roast Beef Sandwich.

Roast Beef Sandwich (Php 570)

Served with French fries on the side, I made a request to our waiter if I can switch them with potato crisps since I saw it from the other table and they look divine! So the sandwich came and I was super excited! It was plated with a small saucer willed with roast beef drippings so of course, I tried it first without it. The slices of USDA sirloin were very tender and juicy, plus the melted provolone cheese adds amazing texture! But I have to be honest It was really bland. So I tried it with the drippings, still bland. I added some salt, sadly I can only taste the seasonings that I added and not the dish at all. I was really downhearted because the beef's tenderness were top marks, but the taste was just absent, at least for me.

Sautéed Corned Beef (Php 500) 

Served with rice and two sunny side up eggs, this was the birthday girl's order. It smells really good when served. Since my cousin is a very small eater, she portioned her corned beef so we can snatch spoonfulls from her plate to taste. I like it, at least more than my sandwich because it was tastier! My friends were even joking me as to why I don't taste anything from my order and that maybe it's not the sandwich! I was quite scared if you know what I mean so tasting this garlicy dish was quite a relief.

Beef Tapa (Php 535)

This was our friend Lea's order, typical Filipino breakfast, served extra classy. Soy and garlic marinated sirloin served with rice and eggs. We missed Lea so much because she just came home a few months ago from years of working in Kuwait, and it's always a pleasure to have her as she makes up most of her missed years with us. Here's to more brunches and meals with you Lea!

Bistek Tagalog (Php 590)

Okay so this is my favorite out of everything we ordered. This was Rjay's dish - Tenderloin beef marinated in soy sauce, garlic, black pepper, olive oil, and calamansi. Calamansi is our version of the lime but is much smaller and tangier. It is one of the most Filipino ingredients on any Filipino dish and can also be made into juices and as a condiment itself. Back to the word favorite, I did not get to taste this but with Rjay's word, it was good. Why did I like it, well just look at how it was plated! 

Lea, Rjay, Steve, and birthday girl Judy

We capped our delicious lunch with their homemade ice cream flavors but sadly, we forgot to take photos of it because we were super excited when they arrived! But just to tickle your sweet imaginations, we had scoops of Mixed Berries with Banana, Dark Chocolate with Peanut Butter Cups, and Banana with Caramelized White Chocolate. How good were their housemade ice cream flavors? Well it painted rainbow colors to my greyed out experience from the Roast Beef sandwich haha!

Unmasked for Breakfast at Lunch!

To my ate Judy, I wish you only the best in your new year. I hope that you continue to grow happy and truly joyful from the inside out. I am very excited for the next chapter that will surely be a big adventure for you. Just so you know, I will always be here for you in every step of your new venture and beyond. Keep being that compassionate and a person full of empathy that spans out beyond the people she knows.

Never Stop the Party!


Breakfast at Antonio's
Tagaytay City, Cavite
(046) 413 0738 / (046) 404 6199
0909 234 7304 / 0925 706 0837 / 0917 163 8374


  1. Cute to celebrate Birthdays like this together, dearest lille Bro!
    And wonderful you care for elderlies, too - we must be siblings by heart!

    ".. spread of droplets".. are you are The Simpsond-fan, also? There is an episode on that!!!

    Truffle French Fries?! Are you kidding me?! Oh that sounds SO.YUM!!! Oh, boy!!!
    You also look like you´re in heaven, rightfully! Hmmm... That sandwich looks to die for, too!
    Luckily I just had Toast Hawaii and am not hungry ;-)

    Corned Beef - You HAVE to make Labskaus!!!
    And that beef, ohhhh....
    How can you "ruin" such a meal with something sweet, lille Bro?" (Kidding, but I would never do that!)

    Never stop the Party - to a great New Year in Your Lifes.
    P.S. I made a post for you on the pics at our TV :-)
    Hugs from here.

    1. Oh we are the same Big sis! Me and my best friends all have a soft spot for elders, because most of us grew close to our grandparents, we actually lived with them while they are still with us. It was so heartwarming when I met them that day because when we were there last Christmas, we opted not to see them because of the severity of Corrina, we are afraid we might bring them unwanted visitors. Until now we were not allowed to go near them but we were encouraged to say hello from a distance because it will make them happy to see visitors.

      Oh that is so cool! I do not watch the Simpsons but I know the show, my cousin in the US is a BIG Simpsons Fan :)

      Oh dear Iris, those truffle fries were AMAZING! One of the things I am sure that I cannot do on my own, with the way they made the potatoes and the ingredients because truffle oil here is super expensive, the ones imported from Italy. Oh I haven;t heard of Toast Hawaii yet, let me google that one, sounds yumm!

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I know what you mean big Sis, Oh but our sweet tooth were just way active that time so we thought Ice cream was a great idea HAHA

      Super super thank you dear Iris and I am so thankful for the post you did on the pictures! I am always ecstatically happy whenever I see my name on other blogs, especially on yours big sis!

      Sending you back hugs!

    2. Yes, distance and seeing each other is the key!
      I think you should give The Simpsons a try. This is not a kid´s show.
      In 2010 (I guess) they showed darn Trump in bed as president, twittering. It´s made by scientists, the show.

      LOL. I got myself a treat, truffle oil, and spread it over my carrot salad. My T looked up and asked what is smelling like motor oil here?! (It was at work). Motor oil!!!! Ingo deeply hates it, too.

      Toast Hawaii is from the 1950´s when Germany came back on it´s feet slowly after WW II and Hawaii was too expensive to visit, so one of the first TV-cooks came up with this.
      Hawaii is still too expensive (for us), so this is the way :-)
      Ingo now uses an olive in the middle as I don´t like sweets (usually you take such a super-sweet cherry). So much for my sweet, sleeping tooth, Pizza, please? ;-)

      I sometimes find my name a day late and then I feel soooooo bad! Sooooo sorry, so not polite. And Henry feels the same when he is addressed (so cute this happens!!!)
      Hugs and to a great new week. Happy cooking/baking?
      (And also thank you. Some other bloggy-friends really liked to see the pics at our TV, you gave a good idea)

    3. Hahaha I get what you mean by it's not a children's show. Just like that show South Park from ages ago, I was shocked by the language hahaha

      OMG! So it IS an aquired taste then hahaha lucky us we love it so so much!

      Oh dear, the Toast Hawaii looks and sounds super good Iris! I looked for it and it was something I would so like! I'll do it one of these days :)

      Thank you so so much for the mention it warms my heart extra more whenever I see my name on my dear blog friends' blogs!

  2. Hi Stevenson, glad you continued to celebrate your birthday with friends. The food looks delicious. I love the unobstructed view of Taal Lake. It looks like it's under construction. Take care and have a wonderful week. The party continues always!! :)

    1. Thank you very much my friend Bill! You are right, it was under construction but the construction men were so nice to allow us to get near and have some pictures. Have an awesome new week Bill!

  3. Looks amazing. There are some great places in Scotland to go for breakfast!

    1. Oh I can imagine breakfast by the Scottish meadows and grasslands Ananka! Just imagining it makes me super happy already! Thank you so so much :)

  4. That looks and sounds like a marvelous lunch Stephenson - pity yours was relatively tasteless - I can understand you being worried!!
    We are able to gather and eat without restrictions in the provinces here - only Wellington (our Capital) is under restrictions at the moment.
    Love that you 'shared' your birthdays with the elderly, albeit through the glass and with donations
    Stay safe

    1. Thank you so so much for those kind words Maxine! And I feel super jealous of Australia and New Zealand on how you guys are living as normal as you are! Truly, a combination of good citizens plus amazing governance can really do wonders even against pandemics. Sadly we lack both here. Stay safe and happy dear Maxine!

  5. Las papas se veían muy ricas lastima que tu sandunche no tuvo mucho sabor . Los otros platos se veían muy ricos. Te mando un beso

    1. Muchas gracias amigo mío y yo muy de acuerdo, las patatas se lo robaron todo, ¡estaba tan delicioso! Te mando abrazos desde Filipinas!

  6. My mouth is watering! Everything looks so delicious and oh, I don't know what I'd pick first because anything would be better. I'm a big proponent of a month long birthday celebration -- or longer, depending on pandemic issues.

    But what I love most here is that you visit the people in the care home. I didn't get the feeling they were people related to you -- just people to visit who need a lift and a smile. That makes me smile.

    1. Oh you said it dear Jeanie! A life filled with celebrations is a life well lived! Some people equate celebrations with extravagant parties, but it's not always that, in our simplest ways we can always celebrate - it's the heart and thoughts and reason that's most important :)

      Oh yes Jeanie, we are not related to them, most of them are abandoned already and it's just really sad, especially that we really grew with our grandparents so it's our simplest way of remembering our grandparents by visiting those in the elderly care :)

  7. What a lovely way to celebrate your birthdays. Loved all the food descriptions (made me hungry!) Mxx

    1. Thank you so much Margaret and glad to have shared some bites to you all :)

  8. Stevenson, sharing with us that you and Ate Judy bought groceries and goodies to take to a care home before going for your own celebrations was such a kind thing to do. It is unfortunate that you could not go inside, but your drop-offs were much appreciated I am sure.

    Antonio's looks like much more than a breakfast place and my choice would have been the eggs over rice with corned beef hash. It's too bad that you own choice was tasteless, but those truffle fries sure looked good.

    Yes to celebrating a birthday year and continuing to enjoy life with family and good friends.

    1. Thank you so much dear Beatrice and we just can't wait to visit them again soon before Christmas! I started a small coin bank for them at my room which I will open before we visit there where I put some bills and coins time to time so I can get them nice presents for Christmas :)

      Thank you very much for your wishes Beatrice and Happy New Week!

  9. Happy Birthday to you and Judy. Looks like a nice outing to celebrate.

    1. Thank you so much Liberty Belle :) It was truly fun!

  10. There is the saying, "Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and supper like a pauper." You all had a royal feast.

    1. That is very well said brother Kenneth! Thank you very much and sharing some plates over to you there in Florida :)

  11. You also visited this old person (70) in Fargo, North Dakota USA to send me some well wishes (from Beatrice's blog). Greatly appreciated! Happy belated June birthdays. :)

  12. Those breakfasts look amazing. Breakfast is my favorite meal although I usually don't have much other than breakfast shake. Since it is breakfast time I want to go make something more substantial. And wow, what a view. Hugs-Erika


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