July 18, 2021

Upland Kafé

Upland Kafé, Silang, Cavite

Just along Aguinaldo Highway, located at the back of a Shell station is this new hidden gem! I mean just look at how cute their place is! Nestled under decade old trees, everything is made inside a whitewashed container van. 

We were so happy when we arrived. We looked for it because the place was starting to trend on facebook and when we stepped out of the car, it was even more beautiful than the gorgeous photos that are posted on social media. Silang has a milder climate compared to the rest of the province so coffee will never be out of fashion (even for warmer days, a cup of ice cold will do the trick!)

Machuca-style Tiles and Neon Signs

Team Puti or literally white team in English is a design movement that is very popular in social media nowadays here in the islands. It's clean and minimalist finish is applied to this cafe's interior which made the tiles and neon signage (two of my favorite things) really pop! Machuca Tile is the largest and oldest manufacturer of handmade cement tiles in the Philippines dating back 1903. 

(L) Their signature Blue Pea Latte and (R) Caramel Macchiato 

We were not shy to ask for their best-sellers especially it's our first time so we wanted their hits, a thing my friend RJay taught me. So both him and I tried their Blue Pea Latte, as per their facebook page is the very first concoction here in the Philippines! It's made by using the Blue Ternate flower as a tint, and I have to say, it was really good and yes, very colorful! It was sweeter compared to my cousin Judy's Caramel Macchiato which has a stronger coffee:sweetness ratio

Me pretending to be the cafe's Model

We stayed to enjoy our drinks because we felt comfortable to due to its al-fresco seating, and though it just rained, the owners and crew were so kind to clean us some seats and tables which we didn't really use because we can't stop taking pictures of the place! It's just really beautiful. We tried two more drinks, this time we tried a Frappe and an Iced Tea. 

(L) Strawberries and Creme Frappe and (R) Lemon Lychee Iced Tea

Since I am getting older (certified Tito), I'm starting to refrain from sweet drinks so the strawberries and creme frappe will not be a choice on my next visit but this Lychee iced tea is like sunshine on a cup! It is sweet but only the right amount! I can taste a hint of brown sugar, perhaps they use it as a sweetener? But the lychee extract they used gave me bolts of energy from the inside even if it was a grey and gloomy kind of day! 


Now the question is, am I gonna go back? A big YES! For so many reasons - their coffee, their fun concoctions, but most especially - the ambiance! being there gives me this relaxed feeling, on the levels that you just can't get from the usual cafes because Upland's edge will always be them being so close to nature. No other mural can beat the views of being under the embrace of strong trees that gives out natural air conditioning! Will definitely be back Upland!


This visit to Upland Kafé very much inspired me to start an Instagram project wherein I will share and review coffee and experiences from café to café! May I take this chance to share with you all Cafe Hunter PH and join me in my café adventures across the islands!

Never Stop Nature!


Upland Kafé
Shell Select along Aguinaldo Highway
Silang, Cavite
0927 917 9690


  1. The place looks nice and inviting. Their drinks look refreshing! Glad that you enjoyed your visit there, Stevenson. Have a great day and a fantastic new week.

  2. Oh wow that looks so amazing. I'd love to have a coffee there. The drinks look super too :-D

  3. Parece un café genial , me dio ganas del cafe con caramelo y el te helado. Te mando un beso

  4. That is a cute little cafe. And wow, I love the floor tile. White was a great choice when the owners chose it. And your drinks do look pretty good too. Have a great new week Stevenson.

  5. The cafe is so cute! I love the floor tiles. It would be hard for me to choose between the blue pea latte and the strawberry and creme frappe. Have a wonderful week.

  6. Oh what interesting drinks, and it sounds as though they tasted as good as they looked. What a gorgeous place to visit Stephenson.
    Stay safe

  7. It's quite pretty and serene and container shops are very fashionable. Love the floor tiles!
    The drinks are quite unusual too, specially the blue latte :)
    I'm sure you will be back to enjoy another drink and the lovely atmosphere.

  8. Isn't it fun to find a new spot you really like? This looks delightful -- fresh, neat and the drinks look fabulous!

  9. It is such fun to go exploring and find a new place to enjoy a treat. Those drinks looked beautiful and the first one with the blue flower would have been one for myself to try.

  10. Nice find, tucked away under the trees. The drinks look delicious. That tile work appears to be very intricate.

  11. You must have great weather almost all the time, to support such a lovely place. The drinks look delicious.

    best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  12. Que lindo lugar Stivenson, y podrias ser modelo de Cafe porque no? que deliciosos se ven todas las bebidas, pero yo probaría el Frappe se ve tentador.
    Te mando un fuerte abrazo amigo!!

  13. Kafé with a "K" is unusual! We write if Kaffee.
    It reminds me of the movie Forrest Gump / Mataranka in the North of Australia. Beautiful!
    That floor, WOW! And handmade, too!
    My sweet tooth wakes up with the Caramel, lille Bro!
    Cool, happy pic of you :-)
    And rain, awww, nice! Not a drop here.
    Oh, can I come over (hahaha, "Corinna") and have a ... one day I´d like the Strawberry drink. And Lychee! Soooo long ago!

    Just got a new smartphone, but it´s VERY complicated - I may follow you via PC. (I have a contract from 2001 when no one thought of phones going online so even if I say: Only WiFi it goes online on the card by itself for stupid updates I don´t want. Did I mention "complicated"? From € 0,38 it went up to € 25!)

  14. Hello My Cafe Model - Great Shot There - Excellent Post - And A Huge Congratulations On Hidilyn Diaz With The First Ever GOLD Medal For The Philippines - She Scored A Silver In Rio And Now A Gold Medalists For The Country - Way Cool - Be Proud


  15. You are a great model. Happy weekend

  16. Hello Old (young!) friend - came here because I saw your Timeless Thurs. on rosyfinch~ Am happy you are still blogging! Since around April I got caught in a war with my old blog and to make a long story short. I have a new url and new username. Am back on Windows, so to get back to where I was before took a long time. My new username is now Emille (Jesh) and my new url is (one word) living between two realms (.) wordpress (.) com. My email is still the same! Emille (Jesh)

  17. Looks a great place.
    You make a good cafe's Model, that's a nice photograph.

    Take care, my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  18. Nicely Shown, friend. Aloha from Honolulu

  19. Hi Stevenson, hard to believe that this is a new month of September already. I have been checking back here for updates of how and what you are doing. I do hope that all is well despite the news of rising infections in so many places. Please do post when you can as I'm sure other fellow bloggers are concerned over your long absence here as well.


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