January 31, 2022

My Home Office Corner


Last year while I was isolated for several weeks due to COVID, one of the things I did to pass my time was to improve my bedroom - decluttering, re-arranging, and this - fixing a work from home corner since this pandemic is still not planning to end anytime soon.

Piece by piece last year, I started with purchasing a new monitor since the company loaned one was too small for my productivity. So I purchased this AOC 27 inch monitor for my spreadsheeting and data analysis work. Not too big but definitely not small which gives me a good maximized view.

Xiaomi Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

It has long gone since I decided to use a wireless mouse and keyboard because I hate my old wireless mouse which I thought was too heavy but I'm glad I got this cheap duo from Xiaomi which is not too bad with battery usage. It uses two AAA batteries, one on the keyboard and another on the mouse. Changed the mouse a couple of times already since September (but I used a cheap battery before but now got an energizer one which has now been a couple of months old now and still going).

Edifier Speakers and my "second life" clock

Next one I got for the setup were these speakers from Edifier. This is not a "need" for my productivity but just something I really want since I really like some good music while I work especially that I work alone and at nighttime. It has multiple connection compatibilities including the traditional 3.5mm, the red and white connection thing (forgive me for my terms, not a sound engineer or what), coax and even a fiber optic option. But the one I use often is the Bluetooth connectivity so I can simply play music from my phone and still use the laptop's 3.5 mm jack in case I need to use my headset for conference calls. And of course the retro design, love it!

One thing I love about my setup is this clock. It's actually my dad's old phone that is already super slow, so I thought of installing a clock app and boom! Second life for the phone and making it functional.

Different lamps gives needed lighting and fixes the mood as well.

I have several lamps as well on my setup. I use a cheap light strip with colors that can be controlled on a remote depending on which color you want. More expensive lightstrips come with an app so you can choose a wider variety of RGB colors but it's way beyond my budget haha

Above the monitor, I waited for the online sale to get that Xiaomi Monitor lightbar. It helps so much with eye strain when working in front of the screen for long hours, plus I use it when taking photos of stuff on my desk (see the keyboard photo?) plus it has a wireless remote (see the round thing on the lower left part of the photo above) which controls brightness and also the light temperature whether you want a warmer white or a cooler daylight.

Also love this Architect's lamp given to me by one of my best friends at work which definitely adds character and a cute aesthetic to my over-all setup! I purchased just a regular 4.5-watt bulb in IKEA so it won't be too strong in case I want to open it. I do turn it on and bounce the light to my black walls just to add mood lighting when I feel like it.

Things that give me needed energy

To keep my desk clean, I cleared all other stuff and make sure I don't have too much peripherals. But these two, I don't think they are simply peripherals but needs. Years ago my Dad went to Paete, Laguna and he got me this beautiful wood crucifix which has always been with every workspace I had since he gave it to me. 

Then last November, I treated my dad to a staycation and on our way home, we passed by a garden and he got me this swiss cheese plant (Monstera adansonii) which I always wanted and lovingly it's still alive and growing.

Having a good workspace setup especially if you are working from home, is truly essential. It's where you make your money and at the same time, spend most of your waking days. Mine is just on my room but I made sure I have a space dedicated to it where I can also relax at and do my blogging and paperworks for Grad School. 

I hope you enjoyed my mini-tour of my desk setup and may it inspire you to look for the beauty and pinpoint improvements on your space whether it be a full sized office room or just a corner desk like mine. Why not make it your little project this February?

Never Stop Working!


I would like to thank everyone for their warm comments on my last post after being quiet for quite some time. Sending you all love and good vibes from the Philippines. Been not feeling well again since last Monday with headaches and body pains, hoping and praying this goes away sooner.


  1. I do like the look of your home office corner.
    I do hope your headache and body pains soon go, sending healing thoughts and good wishes to you.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thank you so so much Jan, so nice of you! Since last Monday I stayed away from pork and beef and just eating tuna or chicken breast for the mean time plus more fruits. Hope it makes me better wholly :)

  2. Hi Stevenson, first it was wonderful to find a new post and many thanks for your comments on my recent one. As wonderful as it was to see both, I was sorry to learn at the end of reading yours that you are not feeling well. This pandemic is a downer in all meanings of the word. My best wishes to you for feeling better soon.

    Thanks for this mini-tour of your work space and the info on all of the items. A big monitor is certainly easy on the eyes and I also wondered about what type of computer you use with it. Your suggestion to look for ways to improve and beautify our personal spaces was a good one. I constantly fight the battle to keep my small desktop space free from clutter and it's an ongoing one for sure.

    Be well, my blogger friend.

  3. You created a nice home office for yourself, I like it. Hope your health continues to improve. Take care, my friend and enjoy your week.

  4. WOW, dearest lille Bro, I cannot work with noise! Or with one monitor. Just had three documents open and accidentially mixed, buhuuuu. Need a third one ;-)
    Clever solution with music from the phone, though!

    Your phone clock looks like the one I have for real here, like the Groundhog-Day one. Mine is 70´s orange (of course).
    Love your "needs".
    Luckily Siemens provided me with a laptop and two PCs so I have my private and work PCs separated.
    7 steps from private to work, "Corinna" has some good sides (otherwise it would be 45 minutes on foot).

    Interesting insight. I think you would run away if you saw my private one right now, LOL. It´s a mess!
    Thank you for the motivation to get rid of that!
    To good times, hugs from here :-)

  5. What a fabulous, and serene looking, home office set up Stevenson - love the lighting!! That crucifix is a beautiful piece of art.
    Hope your change of diet is helping your health, and that you are feeling loads better
    Stay safe

  6. Boa noite meu querido amigo. Parabéns pelo seu escritório. Saudades de você. Espero que você esteja bem e sua família também. Grande abraço carioca.

  7. What a beautiful home/work space. Wish my desk was that organized :) I have far too much paper junk!!
    Hope you feel better soon Stevenson.

  8. Hi Stevenson, as nearly half the year has gone by since you last posted, I hope you are doing OK. In January, you ended this post by saying you were not feeling well again, so how are you doing now? If you have decided to stop blog posting for whatever reason, that is your decision, my blogger friend, but you have been missed.

  9. Congratulations on the new job, Stevenson! Also, it was GREAT to find a comment from you on my blog post this week (about Moxie soft drink). You have been missed as often it's hard to find interesting bloggers. Thanks for the kind words which were very much appreciated. Once you are settled in your new job, perhaps you will do a post to share about it. Look forward to a future post, my blog friend.


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