September 20, 2022

Vacation Week

Earlier this month, my brother from the US went home and celebrated a few weeks of Summer here in the Philippines. With that, I asked my manager for a week-long vacation so I can spend more tie with the family and also have time for myself.

With that, I spent the week in different places from here at home to a few hundred miles north to the province of Pampanga, and then back south to the nation's capital Manila to visit a couple of National Museums which for the last 32 years of my life, I have never set foot it yet until then.

I hope you enjoy this silent vlog and be relaxed by beautiful sights and relaxing music. Make sure you sit somewhere comfortable while you watch because those that have seen I felt really relaxed and ready to sleep right after (but they did finish the film before they took a nap haha)

Never Skip Vacations!
Stevenson :)


  1. Beautiful church - you should see the boring ones here...Great hotel and that pool!!! Awww....
    Wow to the museum, great architecture.
    And all the yummy looking food - great cookie - I still have mine in my purse, it says, "You´ll always stay a very healthy person" - so far it worked.
    And the ferris wheel.... oh, I braved up twice this summer - in an open one.

    Thank you for sharing this, dearest Stevenson!
    Great video - I´m always way too hectical.
    Thank you, was like being right there with you!

  2. It is true, you should never miss a vacation. And how exciting your brother was able to visit. Glad you were able to see him and visit a few places also. hugs-Erika

  3. Great video! Loved watching it and seeing all the different things. So many tasty foods too! I have been enjoying watching your videos lately.

    You really need to come here to Scotland and do one :-D

  4. I love travelling vicariously through your blog Stephenson - what a wonderful week you must have had.

  5. Your films are really so well done. They really tell a story. I am so impressed with how you do these -- they're magnificent. I especially loved when you visited the church -- following the footsteps on that squared off walk, the slow upward pan into the church... gorgeous. You are SO steady on the camera and I really admire that. Well done! (Have you ever considered looking into a career where you do this kind of thing for a living? I worked for a TV station for over 30 years -- a good one, that won awards and had shows distributed nationally -- and this tops many of the things we did.

  6. Me gusto el video. Ten buenas vacaciones. Te mando un beso.

  7. Thanks for sharing your vacation week, Stevenson, and I enjoyed seeing how you spent it at home. We have done that many times this past year within New England. There is always something new to see and for us every day is like vacation. We just returned from a week and a half long road trip visiting family and friends in our home state on NJ and in PA, but on this trip we spent time visiting people and not places.

  8. Forgot to mention that the church in Pampanga was beautiful and the Museum of Natural History weas awesome. Glad you were finally able to visit.

  9. Adorei o vídeo das suas férias, Stevenson, que também me fez viajar um pouco pelo seu país!
    Terão sido dias espetaculares, para mais matando saudades do seu irmão!
    Grata por mais uma partilha, tão especial! Tudo de bom!
    Um grande abraço! Continuação de um excelente mês de Outubro!

  10. Hi Stevenson, oh my I thought that I had left a comment on this vacation post so many months ago which I very much enjoyed. Glad you were able to get time off to spend time with your brother from the US and see to many interesting places. Thanks for the virtual trip set to music!

    I know it's been a long time since you have posted and hope that you new job is going well. I also hope that you will be able to celebrate and enjoy the holiday season with your family. I stopped by to wish you and yours a very happy holiday, wherever and however you will be celebrating this special time of year.

    Just a heads up that I will be doing some blog clearing from my sidebar by year end as many other bloggers have also stopped posting for various reasons, sadly including health issues which I hope is not true for yourself, Stevenson. We all get busy in our lives and blogging is certainly NOT the most important thing, as enjoyable as it is to myself and others.

    If you are able resume posting sometime in the New year, please let me know as I would very much like to continue reading your posts, even if infrequently. I wish you a very Happy 2023, my blog friend.


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