July 24, 2023

Fes - Morocco's Cultural Capital

Morocco is quite known to Filipino travelers like me as it is one of the countries that are kind enough to accept our weak passport for tourism. But also known to most Filipinos is how hard it is to travel all the way to Africa, without passing through either Middle East or Europe, which of course is not visa-free for us Filipinos. So together with this blessing of my new life in Spain, is the opportunity to fly just 2 hours and see this beautiful country.

Honestly, it was a very spontaneous trip for me because I did not plan this at all. I just thought that I really need a week vacation to spend summer just anywhere. Initially I thought about the Spanish cities of Valencia and Alicante, but the cost to travel there is just the same or even more than going outside of the Iberian peninsula. And then at google flights, there it was - Fes.

It was the cheapest Flight I could see in such a short amount of time left to depart. But I forgot about it's big consequence - the 45 degrees celsius kind of days. Well of course that did not stop the adventurer in me so I flew to my 30th country.

Coming out of the plane, I was slapped by how hot the weather was. 45 degrees really was no joke, but it was dry air unlike in the Philippines and even in Barcelona where humidity was high so it was not super bad and draining. Good thing the airport was air-conditioned well so it was a relief while waiting for Passport Control. It took almost half an hour just for our flight alone but it was nice because the immigration police were very welcoming and very happy to know I came all the way from the Philippines to visit their country.

I made sure I exchanged some money so it will not be hard anymore. Before we usually do the exchanges on the city of anywhere I visit, but in this case I opted to exchange it all in the airport just for convenience. But a lot of shops and restaurants accept Euro as payment but I suggest you still exchange your Euros into Dirhams for better conversion. 

Me and my friend from Fez Fresh Juice Bar

My first impression of the city was a very good one, mainly because of its locals. Everyone was smiling, greeting, and welcoming you verbally and around he environment. Yes, there are some hustlers who will pretend to stop you going in the wrong way but it's quite easy to distinguish who are those from the kind and welcoming locals. I felt like I was back in the Philippines with all the happy and hospitable energy that surrounded me.

To battle the heat, I saw this juice bar and it was like an oasis in the middle of the dessert! The drinks were cold (but better drink it fast because it warms up so fast as well!) and all made from fruits that they juice themselves right in front of you. 

Inside the Medina it was very nice. There were two main streets that will lead you through the city from end to end but be sure to stay close to these two streets because the old city is a real labyrinth and it is very easy to get lost. 

The whole streets reminded me so much of the world of Aladdin with the colorful souk and so much things being sold - honestly everything that you can think of can be found and bought there. But of course, Fez specialties are the ones that stands out - ceramics, leather, brass, and argan.

This is just the first part of my Morocco series and I really wish to write more in the coming days to share you all about my adventure and of course, photographs that I took from this very picturesque old world. There's still so much I would like you to see including a day trip to the famous Blue City, and of course, some tasty moroccan dishes that I tried.

Never Stop Exploring,


  1. Sounds like you are enjoying Morocco. Looks like a wonderful place to explore. Looking forward to seeing more of your travels. Take care and stay cool.

  2. WOW Stephenson, what a great opportunity to travel and enjoy these exotic places - It looks amazing, so old and beautiful - those walls must have seen so much in their time, and the arched gate is exquisite!! Good to find that the locals are cheerful and welcoming, and the juice fresh and cold!!

  3. 30 countries. Wow. Your photos are fantastic and it looks like a fascinating spot, too. I'll look forward to seeing more!

  4. Great photographs
    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  5. It looks like a fantastic place to visit Stevenson. I didn't realize how weak the Filipino passport was. But I love the idea of having a spontaneous trip. Happy weekend. hugs-Erika


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