June 29, 2008

Such a great Saturday! (Dolores, Quezon - San Pablo City)

It was a very great Day yesterday! So great that I haven't posted yesterday on Cavite Daily Photo and on my other networks! But hey! I'ts here already! The story is like this. We should be on a tour getting there. On a bus with many other friends that come along with the tour. But the bus didn't came and a lot happened that pissed us all off! But that didn't stopped us from having that coveted Weekend Vacation! 7 am, we strode of from Cavite Thanks to my Aunt's Van that took the six of us, Me, Dad, Mom, Lola, Nana Norie(Aunt) and my older brother! We arrived at Dolores, Quezon past 9 am. We thought it would be a long drive but my father managed to get us there earlier than expected.
The interior of this church is a modern meets classical architecture. The patron saint is the Birhen Dolorosa Where the town is named for.

An old Bell that is used in the church but now on display. It was made in the year 1799, during the Spanish era.

Just some of the religious artifacts sold just beside the church.

The water on Bato Spring Resort on San Pablo City was so cold! I can't even stress the coolness of the water in here! But despite of it's coldness, I find it refreshing and even theraputic in a sence that it cooled my body and my eyes with the beautiful scenery and man-made waterfalls.

Me in front of the Beautiful man-made waterfall in the resort.

The water is so cold and the scenery is simply spectacullar!
After the trip, we ate lunch at Kusina Salud. It's our third time at the restaurant owned by the great fashion designer Patis Tesoro. Every time we eat here, the food gets better and better! The food really leaves you with great memories and experinces while you eat them. We'll definitely come back there!
My mom in front of the entrance to this all-sences filling restaurant!

If you wish to see the rest of the shots of this great weekend getaway, just click on the link: Dolores Quezon + San Pablo City = Great Weekend!


  1. That is an awesome post. Loved the pictures! Great job! Thanks for stopping by my place. Hope you have a great new week! All you guys have been leave wonderful comments. Thanks for your support!!

  2. Hei, I found you on Qinttarantino. Just wanted to drop by and say hi =) Good job with the pictures! I like the one with the figurines.

  3. Hei thanks SO much for dropping by my site. Its ok =) At least you still came, who cares how long you took.....hahahaha.

    Regards and best wishes,

    Btw, do keep in touch =)

  4. These waterfalls do emit a sense of coolness and mystery! Have you ever been to Italy? Near Rome, in a small place called Tivoli, there's an old bishop's palace, Villa d'Este, with fountains remeniscent of the ones you are showing. Here's a link, look at the picture on the bottom right:

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