October 18, 2016

"They Say" Epsiode 1: Dream Destination

I love talking to people. Talking in general, about everything and almost anything! Their interests, their likes and dislikes, their dreams, you name it. That's why I thought of creating this new segment on my blog where in my closest friends, family, and students would have to share what "They Say" about specific topics close to my heart!

For our first episode of "They Say", let us know what their dream destinations are. We all dreamt of being somewhere at some place, having a beautiful stroll with your loved one or a delicious exotic dinner with your amazing friends. It is something that makes me stand up with excitement whenever I ask this to myself or even whenever a friend opens up about this topic.

But what makes a destination something you dream about? Does it have to be far, or just a bike ride away from where you are at. I asked some of my closest friends from here in the Philippines and across the globe, "Where is your dream destination and Why?". Here are their awesome answers:

Adrian A
Warsaw, Poland

"I actually don't have a specific place in mind. My dream destination is somewhere where I would be able to meet my best friends, especially my little bro. It can be anywhere in the world - my backyard, Italy, or Antarctica"

Carlos V
Los Angeles, USA

"Many places exist to be explored in this world. If I have to choose which is my ultimate destination, I must say the city of Rome. This is where the seat of power of the greatest empire ever existed. Great emperors walked at that place. I want to set my feet there also. I want to see what they saw there, It might be a very tiny resemblance of the past, but at least there is something!"

Dianne C
Cavite, Philippines

"My ultimate dream destination is Greece, because I am so fascinated by its beauty. What adds up most to my dream of going there is when I watched the movie Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants"

Pranab M
Mumbai, India

"My dream destination is Slovenia. I want to visit with my wife. It's so green. Ljubljana, Bled, Pilar, Kranjskagora, Triglav National Park, Postojna Caves are on the list. I feel sLOVEnia!"

Lea Katrina B
Mangaf, Kuwait

"To travel anywhere around the world will be my dream destination. Every place for me is a new venture, a different opportunity to experience what is life on the other sides of the world. Seeking new things, experiencing new cultures, and meeting new people is life indeed for me. And given the opportunity to travel the world, I would do so, for what we have now is a once in a lifetime experience."

Stephan S
Hamburg, Germany

"A Fjord in Norway, where I can live in silence and peace. With distance to other people but with comfort of modern civilisation. For me, its silence is impressive and good. It makes you slow and brings you back to nature. It is so good to hear birds sing, raindrops fall, wind in the trees, waves at the beach"

Stevenson Q
Cavite, Philippines

"My dream destination is somewhere were the four seasons are in its most spectacular display. Growing up in the tropics, we only have summer, summer, rain, and summer throughout the year so the seasons are something that really fascinates me."

That wraps up our first episode of "They Say". It was so much fun to ask my dear friends and family for their dream destinations and I hope and pray that the Lord will grant them their amazing travel adventures soon! Special thanks to my dear friends Adrian, Pranab, Stephan, my classmates Dianne and Lea, and to my cousin Carlos for their time. This article will not be possible without them.

Wishing you all the great things and I can't wait for you to join us on the next episode of "They Say" soon! How about you? What's your dream destination? Share it with us by posting a comment below!

Never Stop Asking!

THEY SAY is a segment on my blog which features a little survey where I asked a few of my friends and readers about a certain subject. A Topic is started and they would respond in the way it applies to their lives and experiences.

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