September 6, 2016

Reviving my Bromeliads

It's been a couple of years when I asked my cousin Judy to take me to Silang to buy some plants for a mini garden project. Well for those who know me, I have a lot of hobbies which I tend to juggle each time, but guilty as I am, my interest levels fall out whenever I think of new hobbies. A good thing though is that it may take time but I always get my interest back with each of them, and of it is gardening.

My Bromeliad plants

I don't have a green thumb but I love plants and flowers! So I asked my brother Erson, who is a great plant grower (he loves plants and plants love him too) for advise on which plants I should take care with minimal supervision and thus he suggested Bromeliads. These kind of plants will just grow and grow and make new pups, even out of neglect. But of course I will not neglect them on purpose but due to my busy schedules at work, I tend to do so.

My bromeliads rehabilitated from neglect

But now as I try to look for things to do on my free times, I realise they are just upstairs on the rooftop and waiting for some caring so last week I decided to repot some of them and earlier, I repotted more and now they look alive again (though some had a little munching from our dogs).

I have a few variety, well three to be exact as of now. I don't really know what kind or name these variety this have but here they are. If you guys know their names, kindly help me by posting on the comments section, it will be much appreciated.

Beautifully colored leaves and spiky ends

This one is truly what's left of it's kind. Hope it grows stronger

I have read that this one is called the blushing variety.

I am excited that there is just another hobby I can revive, and plants to love and take good care of. Wish me luck that this will be a serious hobby this time for I have always wanted to beautify and rehabilitate our old rooftop with beautiful mini gardens on all its corners.

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