April 14, 2017


Good Friday is about a lot of things to different people. For us Catholics, it means a day to be silent and to reflect. For people who are working, it means double pay for every hour spent in the office. But for us Christians, this holy week is all about Love. Love stronger than a hundred Valentine's Days combined altogether because this is about the strongest love in this world, God's Love.

Jesus died on the cross and suffered not for Himself but for all of us. Even for people who are sinners, even for people who doesn't know Him, He died for them. It is the highest and most amazing act of sacrifice just to forgive us all from sin.

April Sunset over the Manila Bay

What is forgiveness really all about? We ask forgiveness whenever we humble ourselves if we do something wrong against another person. We offer forgiveness when people ask it for us to clear out the wrong things that they did against us. But do we really have to be the wrong party, for us to ask forgiveness?

It takes a lot of guts for some people to ask for forgiveness, or, especially to forgive. Pride is the main reason why it's usually hard for us to forgive or much more, to even say sorry for the things we did wrong. Personally, I think forgiving is a powerful act of love. It's like clearing up whatever wrong or misunderstanding that was done and just moving forward together with the other person. You don't really forget, I mean, you don't have to, but what we do is to take it as a lesson and move on, I assure you, it's a great feeling!

Asking for forgiveness on the other hand, I think is an act of bravery. It's like going to war and taking off any outer armor or protection and just fighting for something with just your bare hands. It's humbling yourself, accepting and owning any wrong, and asking for a chance to make up to whichever mistake you did to somebody.

But then again, back to the question, "Do you really have to be the wrong one to ask for forgiveness?". My answer, personally to this one is No. Asking for forgiveness is like clearing yourself from all hate and grudges just to save up a friendship or any relationship. This is probably the best possible way of showing how you can be a better person than the situation. In the end, it doesn't matter if the person you are asking for forgiveness actually does forgive you, he or she may or may not, but at the end of the day, it will all be about yourself.

It will all be about how clear your heart is, no excess baggage, no heavy feelings. It's like letting go of all hate, grudges, and feelings of discomfort towards the other person and just moving forward with a lighter, happier heart. I assure you, it feels a lot better after saying sorry. Honestly, it's like passing that heavy ball out to the other person. You may have done something so bad to him/her or just a little misunderstanding, but what's important is you let go of that heaviness out of your system. Whether the other person forgives you or not, will be their own different journey. Also, don't forget to pray for them, and wish them well - for a good and meek heart is one's ticket to a happy travel through this journey of life.

No matter how long or how hard we reflect about forgiving, it all comes down to remembering how God gave His own son to forgive all of us and until now, He is still forgiving our every wrong. If God can forgive us, so can we forgive, so should we forgive.


Never Stop Forgiving!

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