April 13, 2017

"They Say" Episode 3: What I Miss Most About The Philippines

Though the heat of the summer here gets very excruciating (especially for me, ladies and gentlemen), no Filipino can ever deny how amazing it is to live in the Philippines. Despite the poverty, the corruption, and all the many problems of the world that this country has embraced for quite sometime now, someone who lived here can really say that 'It's More Fun in the Philippines'

Whether it be the comforts of your very own bedroom at home (which I really longed for while I lived in San Francisco for 2 months), your Mom's very intricately slow-cooked Caldereta, hanging out with your childhood friends every weekend afternoons, or just simply whatever, leaving our country for somewhere else to live gives us more meaning to the saying 'There's no place like Home'.

With all of that said, this episode of They Say is all about the things that Filipinos miss about living in the Pearl of the Orient. Aside from their families (of course, we know how closely knit Filipinos are with their Family) here are the things that my students and friends who are currently living abroad, yearn for in this land:

Joylyn M
Arezzo, Italy

"What I really miss aside from my family and friends, is the Filipino culture. Our culture is very different compared to foreign countries, most especially the manners we learned from our ancestors. Here in Europe, given that it is the center of Catholicism, people here are liberated, even if they are still minors. Unlike in the Philippines, at young age, they know how to say 'po' and 'opo' and respect not only the elderly, but people of all ages. Also, I adore how filipinos treat each other as family even if they are not really blood related. Even if I go to many different countries, or stay here for long, I'm still proud that I am Filipina"

Jailah R
Auckland, New Zealand

"FOOD! Nothing beats filipino cuisine! From main dishes to merienda to street foods.. especially when you go food tripping with your barkadas."
Ralph M
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

"One thing I miss in the Philippines is the freedom to roam around anywhere and anytime. Here in Saudi Arabia, gasoline is very cheap but I can't enjoy that privilege because I don't own a car. Buses and taxis are expensive unlike in the Philippines where I can ride a Jeepney and/or a tricycle to save more money. Plus, there's not much to see here in the place I'm at right now. Maybe it's just me or maybe because this is where I grew up but life here is pretty simple. Go home after work. Sleep, go to work and go home again. And that's what I miss in the Philippines. The kind of freedom where I can visit Baguio, Palawan, Tagaytay or just hang out with some friends at the mall without having problems on how to get there without owning a car. Speaking of friends, hanging out with friends here is very difficult because girls and boys are not allowed to be together unless you're a married couple or a family. To make the story short, we need a married couple to come with us if we want to hang out with our girl friends."
Jhun B
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

"One of the things that I miss in the Philippines is Filipino Food. My love for Filipino food will never be forgotten. Sizzling Sisig, Taho, Crispy Pata, Tapsilog and so much more. It's also best to share with the people you love like my family and friends. My family also makes me miss the Philippines. Sometimes they are the reason why you are weak because you miss them so much and that is what many OFW called "homesickness" but they are also your energy booster to face your everyday challenges and problems. Aside from that, I miss also the holidays in the Philippines because when you're abroad you will not feel the same feeling of celebrating Christmas and New Year in the Philippines. These are the few things I miss in "Pinas". At this moment, I'm not sure when am I going come home again but I'm sure that when I'm back to the Philippines it's going to be fun and memorable again."

Paula O
Seattle, Washington

"A thing I really miss besides my family in the Philippines is that 'Laid Back' type of feeling all the time. It's like you don't have to set alarms in the morning but through out the day you'll get a lot done.. or you can just be like "hey, I wanna go to the beach." And with some friends you can make it happen there and then. here in the states the lifestyle is all about "Time is Money" so you live by minutes and hours with no time to sit back and relax and appreciate the things around you.. and THE BEACHES! how can you not miss the gorgeous beaches!"

Marvin B
Siem Reap, Cambodia

"One thing I miss about the Philippines is food. I think its common for most of OFWs like me. Cambodian dishes are healthy and delicious but I still prefer Filipino food because I've been eating them since I was young. Yes, it is good to try something new, but at the end of the day, you'll end up craving for the food that you used to eat most of the time. Good thing that Cambodia is also a tropical country so it shouldn't be so hard to find the ingredients to cook Filipino food. It is not surrounded by water so, I would say I also miss the salt water fishes of the Philippines because most of the fish here are found in lakes."

Now there you have just some of a million reasons as to why it's more fun to live in the Philippines! I for one may be a citizen of the world, a lover of different cultures and traditions, but I can really say that it's the best feeling to know and be reminded everyday that I am a Filipino! And to everyone who is not, we just have so much love to give and we welcome you to our beautiful country filled with delicious food, colorful traditions, and a heart full of warmth, joy, and much much of love! See you in the Philippines!


Never Stop Being a Filipino!

THEY SAY is a segment on my blog which features a little survey where I asked a few of my friends and readers about a certain subject. A Topic is started and they would respond in the way it applies to their lives and experiences.


  1. Nice article! For me, the food and of course the people!

    1. Awww thank you so much! We share the same sentiments!

  2. That is why we love the Philippines, and that is why we are truly proud to be Filipinos!

    1. Truly Maam Sheryl! Truly! There's just so much to be proud of :)



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