April 11, 2017

Caru-Caruhan de Malabon 2017

Saint Longinus - Caru Caruhan 2017

On it's second year, the General Trias Caru-Caruhan has been successful with more Saints and camareros (Saint Caretaker) that have participated not just on the City of General Trias but from other parts of the province of Cavite. It is a Palm Sunday procession depicting miniature Saints and images of Christ's Passion in remembrance of the beginning of the holy week.

Last year, on it's first procession, there are a few people who participated and joined the  procession but this year was bigger and much more grand thanks to our Organizers led by Mr. EJ Tiglao and his team. If you wish to see photos and my article from last year's Caru-Caruhan 2016, you can click on the link.

Here are some of the photos from this year's procession. Some of the photos were taken by EJ Tiglao and his team, credits to them and their kindness.

Saint Veronica - Jethro Elca

Sorrowful Mother - EJ Tiglao

Saint Andrew the Apostle - Fr. Jun Poblete

La Pieta - Mark Anthony and Melissa Mugol

Agony in the Garden - AJ Negrosa

Ecce Homo - Wilson Que

Saint Peter the Apostle - Erson Que

Saint Longinus - Stevenson Que

Saint Mary of Cyprus - Aaeron Daluraya

Saint Mary Jacobe - Franz Pulido

Saint Matthew the Apostle - Resty Mangalindan

Saint Thomas the Apostle - Resty Mangalindan

Saint James the Great - Charles Lamadrid II

Saint Nicodemus - Jameer Olimpo

Me and Saint Longinus' Friend Stephen

My Twin Nephews Chad and Chualeek

This post is my entry for this week's "Our World Tuesday" where family-friendly bloggers share images of their world and tell us a little bit of the story about the place. If you wish to see more amazing stories from different parts of the world and do a virtual tour from their side of town, Click on the image link below:

Never Stop Praying!


  1. Calling by from Our World Tuesday, an interesting post, thanks for sharing.

  2. Those are some amazing statues you took photos of. Thanks for visiting my Blog, feel free to come back again

    1. Thank you very much Bill! I appreciate your visit and your comment :) Wish you a great day!


  3. What unusual statues. Great and interesting article!

    1. Thank you so much Jarek! Have a blessed lenten week!



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