April 9, 2017

"They Say" Episode 2: Childhood Ambitions

I am just so excited for this second episode of They Say! They Say is a segment on my blog where in my closest friends, family, and students would have to share what "They Say" about a specific topic that would be best to be shared not just by myself.

On this episode, we will be talking about childhood ambitions. We will never forget that moment during our Kindergarten and Prep Graduations as we present what we want to be when we grow up. A large pool of kids wanting to be doctors and engineers and nurses line up and wait for their turn on the microphone to proudly tell the world what they will be working on in the next two decades at school.

I for one wanted to be a doctor when I was a little boy. I can remember doing check ups with my stuffed animals with my plastic stethoscope and giving them vaccinations for their fever. Then I realize, I did not really enjoy being the doctor, but I had fun writing up details on their respective index cards and asking 'them' about their vitals. Yes, I enjoyed being the secretary.

Then I grew up wanting so many things at once until university application came. I listed three degree choices and guess what, there was no pre-med nor a secretarial course on it. To be honest, I really did not know what I really want that time. years after, I was marching on my graduation with a degree in Computer Science and worked for half a decade a s a college instructor and now, a Deduction/Balance Associate for a multinational manufacturing company.

Well, enough about me and let's listen to what my dear readers about their childhood ambitions and what they end up with right now. Did they follow their early dreams, or did life led them to somewhere different? Here's what 'They Say'

Mary Anne R
Application Development Analyst, Accenture
Childhood Dream: To be a NURSE

"When i was a child, I see my future self wearing a white uniform, taking care of injured and sick people. I wanted to be a Nurse. My childhood dream is to travel the world carrying medical kits with my doctor husband. 

I did not pursue my ambition because of the movie "Wag Kang Lilingon", a horror film. I'm about to enroll in a Nursing school but after watching that movie, I got scared. I got scared of ghosts in hospitals. I'm afraid of the dark and of all unknown spirits that lie within. I know it sounds weird, but that's the real reason why I did not pursue my ambition.

Yes, I still want to be a nurse, still want to wear that white uniform, still want to help sick people. I still want to attend the oath taking ceremony and I still want to wear a nurse's cap. I still want to make the world a better place. I still want to be a Nurse but I am enjoying my life now as a developer"

Eunice L
IT QA Test Lead, GMA Network
Childhood Dream: To be a WRITER

"At my parents’ insistence, I took up Information Technology. For a while, yes I did regret that decision. I’m very idealistic, you see, and back then I believed that people should be given the freedom to do whatever they wanted. But as I grew and matured, I learned that life isn’t always black and white. There are many, many good things in life – things that will make you happy – and they’re not always what you expect. I learned that sometimes, there are no right or wrong decisions. For instance, I did not make a wrong decision when I chose IT over creative writing. Why? Because I also found happiness in IT. Not the one I imagined when I was little, but happiness nonetheless. And who knows, what if I chose creative writing and ended up not happy at all? I guess what I’m trying to say is, the best path is not always the most obvious one. You just have to take a leap of faith and make the most of everything. And of course, pray."

"Yes. The writer inside me is very much alive. But as I see it, there’s little possibility that I’ll pursue a full time writing career in the future. I love what I’m doing now, and I am very much settled here. I still write though, and sometimes when I feel a little brave, I submit my writings to online blogs or websites. And some of them do get published. See? Dreams don’t stop just because you chose a different path. Now I am able to pursue two dreams. One in IT and one, during my free time, in writing. And so can you. So can anyone."
Miko A
Analyst Programmer, Insular Life Assurance Co. Ltd.
Childhood Dream: To be an ARCHITECT

" I don't have any regrets cause I personally decided to take I.T. (second option to Architecture) and no one forced me to do so. Just to share, my third option was HRM (remember the spam rice with chopsticks na nilike nyo sa IG sir?) 

Math subjects [made me changed my mind]. I passed the Architecture exam, interview and already paid for my tuition until I saw my registration form full of math subjects. Trigonometry, Calculus, etc. I thought Architecture was more on drawing and designs that time. Never thought that it's full of Math. I still wanted to be Architect Jose Miguel B. Alhambra! I still enjoy planning and designing houses during my spare time. I really want to personally design the "dream" house for me and my family. But architect or not, I know I can and I will build that hopefully soon. (Sabi nila tiwala lang hahaha) 

 I don't want to compare my life as an I.T professional with the life I will have if I'm an architect. Cause it's not about the profession you choose but on how you make your life meaningful whatever path you take."
Kenneth G
Software Engineer, E-Science Corporation
Childhood Dream: To be a DRIVER

"Back when I was a child, I wanted to be a tricycle driver (real talk) but my parents did not approved. 

As I grew up or before going to college I wanted to achieve more in life and my ambition changed, that’s why I never got to pursue my childhood ambition and definitely I didn’t had any regrets. If I pursued my ambition I wouldn’t be like this right now providing for my family and traveling the Philippines (hopefully the world soon!)."

Ira G
Email Specialist, Security Bank
Childhood Dream: To be an ARTIST

" I wanted to be an artist. I was really into arts and writing back then. I remember having colouring pencils and watercolours to keep me company after school. 

 I have no regrets. All my decisions in life shaped me into who I am and led me to where I am today. Plus I can still do traditional art on my free time. Sometimes, it's not about just pursuing your ambition, you know. I believe that it's about holding on to it like a heart on your sleeve. 

Somehow. I mean, it doesn't change my love for art but today I am very happy with what I'm doing because my job allows me to combine writing with design so it's all good!"

No Matter what ambitions they have before or now, it goes to show that whatever lives they have at the moment, they are enjoying it and living it to their fullest! And for that, I will forever be proud of my dear students. I may not be teaching anymore but seeing them grow and succeed in the paths that the Lord had given them, makes me feel very lucky I was once their mentor.

Cheers to you my dear students!


Never Stop Dreaming!

THEY SAY is a segment on my blog which features a little survey where I asked a few of my friends and readers about a certain subject. A Topic is started and they would respond in the way it applies to their lives and experiences.

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