May 29, 2019

Camp Aliyah at Amadeo

Survivor House Cup 2019

I finished my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science last 2010 with a special set of people. We call ourselves the Survivors. A group of 16 friends who went through the four years of happy and hard times of college together and found a beautiful friendship with each other. We called ourselves Survivors because aside from most of us loving the US TV Series, we all survived college together!

The Survivors at our friend Kathleen's House

Last May 25-26, 2019, 9 of us friends traveled to Amadeo, Cavite to celebrate a mini reunion just because we wanna be together and also to send off one of our friends, my Best Friend from College Ralph John. We had a series of games that we called the Survivor House Cup and we had an amazing time together laughing and playing and catching up with our lives. 

Camp Aliyah, Amadeo, Cavite

Here are some pictures we took at Camp Aliyah where the games (and food) were held. It is a place secluded and hidden from the hustle and bustle of the city, deep in the heart of Amadeo, although it's just a few minute drive from Tagaytay City. We booked our overnight stay through AirBnB and the place was amazing and new! For groups of more than 10 people, this is a great place both for staycation and for activities since the front lawn is very spacious!

(L) Survivors at the Quiz Bee Game                     (R) Time to "Blow your Balls"      

I asked them to prepare one game each for 8 players. Each one of us will be the game-master for each of the games that we prepared so that will exempt us a game each so when the scores are tabulated, it will be one game less for everyone. Some of the games are individual and some are by group, but all of it was filled with so much fun!

(L) The Wet Game got us really wet!                 (R) Poker Tournament, I won this one!                  

After a few more games, we decided that it was time for dinner. Some prepped up the dishes while a few of us ran for errands on the missing pieces that we need for our Korean BBQ night. Special thanks to Ate Lhot and Kathleen for their Samgyupsal stoves, we were able to grill delicious pork and beef cutlets complete with tasty Shabu-Shabu style soup.

Friends that eat together, gets bigger together

The games started quite late because we had to do our initial preparations for dinner and also planning of the meals to be done right after the first half of the games. We had so much fun preparing the games and meals together as we all talk about memories and future plans for our group of friends.

  (L) Codename Board Game                                    (R) Our Favorite Survey Game

We capped the night with our very last game at around 1 in the morning and we all said goodnight and finally hit the sack. The night was very peaceful and quiet, with just a hint of karaoke night on another house but it was not that much to displace our sleep.

When we got up, it was time for breakfast. The breakfast team prepared a heavy breakfast of rice and noodles with eggs and hotdogs. It was a riot as usual, but filled with laughs and stories. When it was all over, we watched Tiny Places on Netflix and prepared to leave. The awarding ceremony took place just before we left and I prepared a few certificates as remembrances for that amazing two days we shared together.

House Ralph                                        House Zarah                                     House Abby

House Emil                                        House Stevenson                                     House Wally

House Jayson                                        House Mark                                     House Florence
   Third Place                                          Second Place                                   Grand Champion

Congratulations to the winners! House Jayson took home the Third Place, House Mark got the Silver Award, and House Florence won the lot and took home the title of GRAND CHAMPION! Great job everybody, it was an amazing game!

All those times, we wish there were more of us Survivors present but they will always be with us even if they were not able to come. hoping for more adventures for us Survivors, for sure there will be more in the coming months and years!


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