November 15, 2019

They Say: "What I Love About Being A Teacher"

Nobody will ever be somebody without the people who help them be anybody that they wanted to be. Those people are usually regarded as our heroes in life. But most of us forget about the heroes that share most of their lives for the sake of us, our Teachers.

Being a teacher myself for five years has taught me a lot of lessons that I never have realized when I was just a student. Even if i was the one teaching, the profession has taught me things not just about life but also about the different people and situations in our society. People kept saying that it is a noble job, and it takes to be one to understand what that really means. Endless hours of preparation just to give an informative lecture or hours on the computer writing that challenging examination is no joke. And it doesn't end at that because we would all have to check and grade those papers all by ourselves in the middle of the night which can tend to drown you in the long run.

But what keep a teacher from leaving this tiring profession? What are their reasons to keep going and continue with this noble but usually forgotten profession. I have interviewed a few of our respected and ever loved teachers and here is what their answer to the question "What I love about being a Teacher":

Maam Wea A
PAREF Woodrose School
"Teaching is an opportunity to contribute to the future of the society as we help form the hearts and minds of our students. Teaching is enjoyable when you see your students enjoy the activities you prepared for them. It is fulfilling especially when you see your students become better versions of themselves. I love teaching because I learn a lot from my students and from teaching itself. I gain knowledge, experience, and virtues in the teaching-learning process."

Sir Pio G
San Beda College Alabang
"I think the best for me is the experience of encountering diverse types of people and seeing them explore their talents through classroom discussions. As Saint John Baptist de la Salle said, it is always about "teaching Minds, Touching hearts, and Transforming Lives". And that is the real essence and beauty of the teaching profession."

Maam Dharlene B
Bauan Technical High School
"Appreciation. That's what I love the most about being a Teacher. The simple things that I do which is truly just a part of my job but at the end of the day, your students will come to you and express how deeply grateful and how much they love you for those simple things, it really melts my heart! The love and appreciation of my students is in a different level that I myself cannot really explain, but one thing is for sure, it really is fulfilling. I may get tired from teaching but their simple gestures of appreciation keeps me going.."

Sir Argel M
DasmariƱas Integrated High School
"The best feeling for a teacher is when you realize how we serve as a guide to our students' young minds on their way to the right path. They do have their own sets of problems. But whenever I see the values I teach in our classroom being evident with their actions not just in the classroom but even beyond, it gives me pleasure to keep teaching. As they say, it's hard to be a teacher, with all the paperwork and the extra tasks that the government asks us to work on. But for me, I love this profession because it gives me the ability to inspire my students to reach for their dreams. At the moment I already have students who are now professionals themselves and it feels good when they come back and tell me how I was one of the reasons why they are where they are. Lastly, continuous learning. As a teacher, learning never stops - through seminars, training, and even supervising practice teachers. And even from students, especially now on the techie age, I also get to learn a lot from them."

Maam Gloria D
De La Salle University - DasmariƱas
"To be someone acting as a vessel of information is a divine calling for me. Everyday, I have the obligation to tell my students to become the better version of themselves by improving their study habits and never losing sight that learning is a way of life. There is so much to learn from anything and everything!"

Being a teacher myself for five years, truly I had a fair share of reasons or better to say so much more of the saying teaching is the most noble profession. After all these years and almost another five years away from my college teaching days, all the experiences, learning, and love that I get from my students and even from the school community, I was able to live what one of my old friends had told me, and that is "Teachers are the most remembered".

Never Stop Teaching and Learning! 

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  1. My mom is a teacher myself so i personally know the struggle being a teacher and with those families that have teacher in them. Some of my friends are teachers too -- a noble profession indeed.:)

  2. Brilliant Post There Brother - Nice Recognition



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