January 18, 2020

Brussels, The Heart of Europe

On my way to Prague from Rome, I was very lucky to get a Brussels Airlines flight with a 7 hour layover in Brussels. This enabled me to walk out of the airport for a couple of hours and see the sights and savor the sweetness of the city center. Rode Bus 272 for just 3 euros and it shot me straight to Brussels Nord where the historical center of the city is just a 20 minute leisurely walk away.


No matter how short the time given, there's always a place waiting to be explored!


  1. Fantastic Trip And Amazing Photos - Brussels Is A Beautiful Place And I Am So Thankful That You Had Some Time To See Some Of It - Looking Forward To Hearing About Prague

    Stay Strong Brother Steve

  2. Thank you very much for the support The Padre! I really appreciate your visits on my Blog :) I don;t get a lot of visitors but I feel very thankful whenever you guys do. Can't wait to post my snaps from Prague!



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