October 8, 2020

The Angkor Wat - Timeless Thursdays 19

Last 2014, I, together with my cousin Judy and my brother Wilson, went on a week's trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. We started our journey at Saigon in Vietnam and travelled 15 hours by several bus rides (Yup, had no idea why it took us that long) to Western Cambodia, the historical and ancient city of Siem Reap.

At the heart of the city is the ancient capital of the Khmer Kingdom, Angkor Wat, a temple complex and is known to be the world's largest religious monument in land area. It is regarded as a UNESCO world heritage site and is a very important archaeological spot in South East Asia.

Here are a few photographs I took during my trip to this Ancient Marvel.

Entrance to the Temple Complex

Afternoon Reflection

Getting closer to the Central (Main) Building

Ancient Relief on the front walls of the Main Building

On one of the interior chambers inside the central building

We also went back in the morning, see the tiny part of the rising sun?

My favorite photo from this Camodia Trip

Never Stop Exploring!

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  1. ...years ago my son lived and taught English in Cambodia, what an experience that was for him. Thanks for hosting, take care and stay safe.

  2. When I visited Angkor Wat I was left with the feeling that I should have come much better prepared in terms of understanding the history, iconography and architecture of the place, and how inadequate it was to only spend a day there. If ever I return I will rectify these glaring omissions.

  3. I loved Siem Reap! I must admit we were too lazy to get up for the sun rising at Angor Wat but did go in the early morning.

  4. That all would be so amazing to see... Another world almost ... what an incredible trip!

  5. Boa tarde meu querido e especial amigo. Que lugar maravilhoso e bonito. Parabéns pelas imagens espetaculares.

  6. I adored Siem Reap - it's such a cool city. It was also quite life changing for me, realising we could make changes in the world and things didn't have to be the way they are here. I loved it so much. And of course, the temples are extraordinary.

  7. What an enthralling place to visit. Thanks for sharing with us :)

  8. Last Photo, Right On - Excellent Adventure Brother Man - Stay Strong


  9. What a fascinating complex to have had the privilege to visit = well worth the lengthy bus trip!
    Stay safe

  10. I would love to visit Cambodia and Vietnam. Especially Angkor Wat. Wow, what an amazing place. Your photos are great Stevenson. And that photo of you made me smile. You have to love it. I wanted to say I always enjoy where you take us each Thursday, and how nice it is to go back and visit someplace when we can't travel easily now. Hope all is well! hugs-Erika

  11. I LOVE your afternoon shot! I went for the entire sunrise (http://www.trekkingwithbecky.com/photo-friday-angkor-wat-sunrise/) and then I went to other parts, like Bayon. Thanks for hosting and for sharing your photos! They brought back memories.

  12. Beautiful photos Stevenson. I would love to visit the Angkor Wat temple one day.
    Thanks for hosting and enjoy the rest of the week.

  13. Impressive scenes! You really do travel a lot, dear Stevenson, thank you for sharing it all here!
    Especially in these times...

  14. A fabulously beautiful structure! That was quite a long bus trip!

  15. Dearest Stevenson,
    Would have loved to be there too!
    Our late friend and Colonel took his wife on a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia but both of us never have been there.
    Very special memories for you and especially for now with all the travel restrictions.

  16. That looks amazing and I love the Afternoon Reflection photo and the last photo of you, brilliant :-D

  17. What an amazing temple and such details shown in this post. I had never seen this temple before and that reflection was just as wonderful to see, Stevenson. While I am not certain that we will ever travel to this part of the world, right now desk chair travel while seated at my PC isn't such a bad alternative and at least I didn't take a 15-hour bus trip, yikes!

  18. You've seen so many interesting places! Vietnam and Cambodia would definitely make an amazing impression on me. A completely different culture, such original architecture and exotic nature. It's a real dream trip :)

  19. Maravillosas son las vistas de tus fotografías.

    Es un lugar ideal para viajar y apreciar esas bellezas de tus fotografías a través de tus propios ojos.

  20. Reading the uniqueness and beauty of Angkor Wat that you visit reminds me of the action scenes of the Tomb Raider movie :) ...

    Thank you for reviewing the history of this exotic temple, my friend Stevenson.

  21. The reflections in your second photograph are wonderful.
    Looks an amazing place to visit.

    All the best Jan


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