August 12, 2023


Located south west of Barcelona, Garraf is a 45-minute train ride from Sants Station. It is a quaint seaside town but boasts stunning blues - both the sky and the sea. There's a small bay where people enjoy the beach and walking further west is a Marina where you can enjoy the breeze in a very quiet spot.


I went there in Spring so the weather was perfect, spent just a few hours to take pictures and enjoy a new town just outside home. I did not see any big restaurants or hotels on the stretch I walked by but it was a very cute place.

Never Stop Exploring Small Towns!


  1. Give me boats and dazzling blue and I'm a happy woman. This looks fantastic!

  2. Those blues are spectacular. And what a view!

  3. nice landscape, oh ya, there are no any trash in the sea

  4. Small towns are the best - they have way more 'character' than cities.
    Loving traveling vicariously through your photos Stephenson.

  5. Stevenson, so glad you are exploring all these small towns in your new homeland of Spain. You are certainly right about those stunning blue colors in the sky and sea, my friend.


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