December 10, 2020

Brave Little Dove - Timeless Thursdays 28

A couple of weeks ago, I enjoyed the cloudy and cool early morning at the comforts of my garden. I set up a stool on near my plants and just relaxed on a beautiful damp but cozy day. And then a visitor came! I am a very hyper person and whenever I move, I don't move with such ease that no birds just come close to me, except for that day. I don't have an SLR with me and all I had was my old iPhone 7+ but glad I had it with me because I did not expect such a brave little dove to come close.

Zebra Dove

When I started taking pictures of it from afar (hopefully explains my zoomed in photo which is not so clear) I was also humming a happy song for it because I was really happy to be that close for the first time. I am hoping my friends Kenneth, Phil, and David would be a little proud of me of this encounter. I have always been fascinated by their birding blogs and known so much about birds and species that I did not know before. I still don't know much about Philippine birds but they inspire me to have at least a little knowledge of our avian friends.

See my little friend?

This is where he first perched, at the back of my Manila palm right in front of my chair. I was so happy and I kept talking to him. He seems to be a bit cold because it rained so hard. I thought of buying a bird house after this encounter so they can take shelter on rainy days but I can't see one online nor I have the skills to build one.

Zebra doves are very common in our area and we locally call them with the name "batu-bato", bato in Tagalog / Filipino means stone because they can freeze and not move themselves like stone.

Sun started rising so he moved over to catch its rays

Super happy to have this encounter. I know it's nothing much but it was very moving for me to be so upclose to this friend of mine. I hope he visits again soon and that I can sing a song for him again when he does.

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  1. ...I don't have a smartphone, just a camera. Thanks for hosting my friend.

  2. OMG he looks gorgeous <3 Good photos of him :-D You are a hyper person, cool. I get excited about things quite easily too :-D

    I have seen lots of birds on my walks, but have no idea about them. I only know a few. I saw a red-breasted robin yesterday when I was out feeding the ducks!

    I posted on all the 3 blogs about your card. I was so happy to get it, thanks again :-D

  3. How very special that encounter was to you is priceless. I've been lucky every now and then to capture a nice bird photo. I appreciate it because they come and go so fast you have to be ready for it. It's wonderful when they sit for you. Great captures, Stevenson and have a wonderful day.

  4. Lovely! And lucky you had a camera handy!!

  5. Well done with this, Stevenson. Perhaps you will be showing us birds of The Philippines, an area that I have not visited and am unlikely to so, so the ability to see the birds via your blog would be terrific. It is also interesting to see some of the vegetation. Thanks for an interesting post!

  6. I think this is a wonderful encounter, Stevenson. Some birds just elude us and we can't get close enough to get a good shot, even (maybe even especially) if we crop it. It's such a sweet looking bird and I've never seen one like it. Very nice indeed!

  7. It's nice that the dove remained long enough for you to take some photos, Stevenson. Perhaps the next time you will have you camera with you, although the iPhone did an adequate job this time. And I too marvel at the bird photos shown on Kenneth and David's blogs.

  8. Some of them are quite tame. I work in a garden centre and they regularly sit next to me sometimes.

  9. That is a special moment. I still use an iPhone 7plus too. One of these days I will get a newer phone. What a sweet dove! Hope all is well Stevenson. hugs-Erika

  10. That dove is different from the ones I get in my garden. I have a bird feed where I put seeds and the doves comes and feed every day and they have also nested in my lemon tree a few times. I like the close-up photo :)

  11. Dearest Stevenson! I couldn´t finish the first sentence and had to laugh already. - 2C here, so much about a cool morning ;-)
    Huh. Jumpy, are we (usually).
    That´s a very cute one!
    You do make one scroll back and forth! :-) I did spot him.
    Oh, and you had rain, too, wonderful!
    P.S. Lille Corinna is online... thank you big again, dearest Stevenson, kettle is on!

  12. That's such a wonderful encounter- usually small birds don't remain still for a long time and I find it hard to photograph them. But you have done a great job!
    Greetings, Jonny.

  13. Boa tarde meu querido amigo Stevenson as fotos ficaram maravilhosas.

  14. Have you thought about putting up a bird feeder? Birds love to eat seeds or suet from a feeder, and then you would (if lucky) have quite a few different species of birds to look at. Feeding makes them act a little more tame. Most people think watching birds at a feeder is wonderfully calming.

    be safe... mae at

  15. Over here there is a song that says "look in simple things and you will find the truth, let the rest go by" sometimes they go very unnoticed by us but when we observe them and see nature and its splendor in them.
    Happy weekend,

  16. Stevenson, now you must get yourself a pair of good binoculars and a long lens for your DSLR to add a few Kilos to your baggage on your next excursion. (Your traveling companions will hate you unless you talk them all into the joys of birding).

  17. I Forget How Lush And Lovely The Rest Of The World Remains - Excellent Shots For An Old Phone


  18. This is the first time I see this bird. It must have been a fantastic experience :) I also like nature observation. Quite recently, a jay has established a nest in my garden. Later I had the opportunity to observe how the little ones learned to fly :)

  19. This is the first time I see this bird. It must have been a fantastic experience :) I also like nature observation. Quite recently, a jay has established a nest in my garden. Later I had the opportunity to observe how the little ones learned to fly :)


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