August 28, 2023


About 70 kilometers north of Barcelona is the city of Vic. Just a little bit more than an hour by train from Barcelona Sants, this city has an iconic plaza that has been preserved through the ages. It is located in the plains and is perfectly in the center of the Coasts of Barcelona and the Pyrenees range thus giving it a very special climate and vegetation that makes its winters a lot colder than most of Barcelona province.

I went there on a weekend of May, just for a day trip as part of my New Place Sundays. (Which I haven't done in the past two weeks now because I fell ill but I'm getting better now little by little). It was a quiet city especially since I went there on a Sunday where everything is expected to be closed here in Spain.

Stores line up on beautiful medieval alleys

Vic also has a prominent university wherein Spanish students and even from neighboring countries chose to take their degrees. It was once a big textile producer just like other cities in the Barcelona province, but now this industry is slowly fading away if not completely. But one of my favorite sausages, the fuet which is a thin cured pork sausage is being manufactured mostly here.

Some interesting signs I saw around the city, including a cafe with my name.

Just another amazing city very close to Barcelona. Truly, the region that I am living in boasts a lot of beautiful sights and colorful culture that is both distinctly their own and at the same time, distinctly Catalan. I feel really blessed to call this region my new home.

Leaving you this post with a photo of me on the city's iconic square, thanks to a group of students who passed buy and were kind to take this solo traveler's photo.

Never stop taking pictures!


  1. Sorry to hear you have not been well Stevenson, and glad to hear you were us to your travel -0 this is an amazing city - thank you for sharing it with us here on your blog

  2. Sorry you weren't feeling well. Is that a live pig on the street there? Can't believe how empty it is on a Sunday!

  3. I love those narrow streets. Great photography of a lovely place. Hope you are feeling better. Keep clicking away, my friend.

  4. I love your journey, just sorry you didn't feel at the top of your game. It's a beautiful spot.

  5. This city looks amazing. When I visited Barcelona many years ago I didn't know about this city (I didn't know until now with you post), but I would have visited it if I did. I love how it even looks old and that narrow alleyway. :) And you commented about Iceland being expensive in your comment on my blog, and it was very expensive. It's been a quiet summer because of that, but I am still glad we went. hugs-Erika

  6. It is such a bless to live in Barcelona, there must have been many cities around worth visiting, including Vic. The pics are well-taken, make me wanna go there and ask you to tour me around mate hahahaha. Vic is definitely a must visit should I have a chance to visit Barcelona. Take care there, Brother


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